Nikki Davidson-Bowman

Bio: I am a multi media artist working in the areas of sculpture, installation, collage and stitch. I work with found ephemera, words & natural things, to highlight female stories of resilience. Embracing my own emotions, I explore the often ignored & darker sides of life with honesty & humour, to make connections to identity & memory.


Instagram: @Nikkidbartist

A square of paper with sepia tones watery marks and black abstract marks across the page. A torn piece of text from a vintage book is collaged at the top.


A square of paper is collaged with vintage marbled paper & a photo of a girl lying on the grass. Cut ext from a magazine is stuck in the forefront. 3 rows of running stitch & loose threads fall down the image


A square of textured paper is typed with the same words from top to bottom

Be strong

A purple, black & white abstract image, suggesting a body, is collaged with typed text & text torn from a vintage book.


A square of torn textured paper is collaged with 3 identical images of a mother & daughter looking at the camera. A line of stitched crosses goes down the page. Torn text is collaged below the image.


Torn textured paper is collaged with a bird & upside down hydrangea flowers. Green ink drips down the image. Text from a magazine is stuck across the image.


A square of torn textured paper is collaged with pink feet & a torn collograph strip. 2 vintage texts are stuck on the image. The paper has a curved line of needle pricks.


A square of torn smooth paper is collaged with torn fragments of collographs. A vintage black & white photo of a woman holding a baby within the image. A line of text torn from a book is at the top.


A square of torn textured paper is collaged with some lines from a found book. Beneath the lines red and green ink blobs drip down the page.