Greer Pester

Bio: Visual and social artist based in Glasgow. Studied at Edinburgh College Of Art . Exploring human intimacy and states of connection with nature ,life and death cycles ,rituals , food and ecstatic experience. Bordered by colours and shapes that can refer us to the infantile and feminine. Her work is material led.She works with collage , drawing , painting and tactile sculpture.


Instagram: @greerpest

portrait large tissue paper collage, yellow with a pink diamond background, the silhouettes of 2 profile heads, mouths open with an orange and a pink tongue stretching across to one another, the pink has little green dots and there is blue watery dribbles running down underneath the tongues

Ode to snogging in the sun

light blue horizontal tissue paper back ground with cut out body like, back to back peach forms symmetrical but oppositely placed with a brown patterned trunk like growth in between spines with sprouting green leaves on the top and bottom, two arm forms in black shadows reach in opposite directions to the other opposite body bridging under and arching over, they have seed forms at their elbows

Connecting to you, connecting to me

Horizontal watercolor painting with areas coloured in with pen and highlighters showing various body bits entangled and linked, knees, legs, boobs, feet, hands in shades of blue green and red, there are some plants growing and some little moons in the sky, grass at the bottom.Parts have been coloured un with magicmarkers. There is one blue boob at the left drooping down with a red nipple.

Limb jungle

Two watery figures sitting with their legs out in front of them, bodies of orange and purple mixed with yellow, side on, watching a plant grow at the center of where their feet meet

Watching things grow

Portrait of a headless pregnant figure, standing in profile in washy yellow and sepia painted over a multicoloured wash background

She carried a watermelon

A photograph of a turquoise blue moses crib , on a bamboo frame with little yellow parmesan sock and cross bar , placed outside a building on the pavement of the drive , it is sunny

Collab Crib

A landscape white paper with two black ink figure outlines with a rainbow connecting their open mouths. They are both sitting with their knees up and palms open in a gestural way. You can see the fluid water marks within the outlines and across the rainbow of red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.

The conversation 2

Tissue paper cut out collage, a red background with 2 sets of curved hands and arms in pink and green, making the lines of the form of an eye, two large ones round the outside and to small ones making the pupil with orange and purple graphic forms meeting from the two sides. You can see the creases of the tissue paper where it's been folded.Theres a small blue spikey star in the center.

Pornos de manos 1

large green green paper collage sheet with a purple female figure and an orange figure pushing and pulling on another opposite arms and legs crossed, you can see orange worms over the stomach of the purple figure, on the side you can see my trainers on a stool and a small pebble with a painted face in the corner

Worm moon sisters

A painted canvas with a multicoloured background and a slightly abstracted blue body form with multiple legs and arms stretching across it, with the body there are lost of smaller shadow figures of all shapes and size pulling various different positions, there are yoga moves, wheelchair users, different genders. Some of them have illuminated nipples shining like constellations of the stars, there is a plant growth out of the rear of the big blue body form, it is landscape and made with acrylic paint and paint sticks

Bodies within bodies

A small glass window art frame with lighting gel cut outs of figures layered, bent over stretching out, dancing, holding flowers and seeds with a sun in the corner, the colours change where the lighting gels overlap.

Primavera zombies

Multicoloured watery landscape background with two shadowed figures leaning back to back with a palm tree shadow growing from between them. The background is colours of purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue and green.

Gato Spirit lean

Landscape A3 ink painting  showing 2 figures, one orange kneeling pressing her pal towards a blue figure crouched and pushing towards the orange, a battle of the limbo of warm and cold, seasonal change, a small plant grows out between their fingers. The textures of their bodily forms are watery and glacier in parts.

Dochas battle

An image of a baked hot cross bun in the inflated bready sculptural form of the rough biological structure of the clitoris, with little icing crosses and sultanas making patterns across the structure, the form is reminiscent of the virgin Mary.

Hot cross clit

A3 portrait  ink piece showing 2 watery naked figures, female sisters with flowers for heads, one has her hand placed on the others pregnant bump, you can see the the inner watery egg forms of a womb with baby and in the other sister her ovaries. They are on a green field. They are yellow and pink with orange flower heads. The roots of their flower run down into their cores.

Spring sister maw

A4 portrait image showing a multi colour wiggly ink background with a green plant growing on the left hand side, there is a headless voluptuous female figure with her arms raised and a paint yellow moon in between her hands, the figure is made with a black ink wash and the other colours are seeping through the various levels of transparency. She looks like she's dancing, made with coloured inks and Chinese brushes. Shade of pink yellow green and blue in the background as well as patches of white.

Wimhoff jiggle

Image of an acrylic mirror on tarmac with cut out vinyl collage overlayed showing a headless naked yellow figure with and orange nipple ,sitting with their knees closer to their chest and stretching their arms out infront .there are blue thread connecting the bottom of their spine wuth their knees and top of the spine, there is a green maguey cactus growing out the the top as a head and two yellow fine threads connected to a massive pink hand in the sky , giving the illusion of puppetry.In the top corner you can see the reflection of the underbelly of a black and white cat and the sky up above

Cow Mirror