Tanya Karina Pragnell Lopez

A drawing of a sheep with a black biro pen on a lined piece of paper

Do more drawing



A photo of a reflection from a coat that a person is wearing. The person has their hand across their chest with their middle finger out, and another hand overlaps with the a middle finger out.

Sunday Nite Admin

A still life photograph of a combination of wild mushrooms


A yellow on a street with a cartoon cheeky expression

Cheeky Ball

Notes of a review of a film

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Film Notes

An image of text stating: I a M in flames yer I do note buern


Image featuring crystal stones in pink, purple and green fluorescent light

Close up of glow in the dark Crystal Disco

An image of various colours featuring glow in the dark objects within a glass container

A small crystal disco made in a whisky glass

Image of three different types of packaging with the words Monopoly, Art and Head

Monopoly Art Head

Black and white image with three pieces of text and a drawing depicting a mouth, teeth and a tongue. Text says: What in the world is the matter with you? I’m aware of my own tongue! I keep thinking where my tongue would be if I weren’t thinking about it

Tongue Thinking

An image featuring a reflection of houses and trees with words in orange in a diagonal overlapping.

Good Ingredients

A black, white and blue image. Top half of the image is blue and the bottom section of the image is in a black square with the text in white saying: You’re in the right place

I don’t need advice

Text saying: 

I was looking for a way to print a large image across multiple pages, so I could make my own do-it-yourself poster-size printout. By way of background, I wanted to print a huge virtual fire, to cover a piece of insulation we put in front of a drafty fireplace in the winter. (We don't like to burn wood, so the fireplace goes unused, but staring at a piece of shiny foam insulation all winter isn't all that interesting.)

With an image of a printed fire in front of a fireplace with a brick background and two animal decorations.

There's a world in which this fire is true

A black and white image with the outline of a lady and a tree and the text reading “Wagamama”

Takeaways and Tarot

A black and white image with black outlines forming abstract shapes and a pair of eyes on the top and bottom of the frame

The Eyes have it, The Eyes have it

A black and white abstract image with a circular shape on the right hand of the image, with text saying 'Its not right but its ok'.


Purple and cream shapes divided into circles across a rectangular form.

Snake Snacks

An image with a black background with a green circle in the right hand corner.

Tiny Escape

A black and white abstract image that is split in the middle. With text on the left side.