Maryam Hashemi


A quick response

A drawn portrait of L Ron Hubbard .not

L. Ron Hubbard badly drawn

Watercolour and ink artwrk on paper. group of sheep in the centre a few houses in the distance .a figure with long hat has a frog on her shouder and a bearded man with big glasses is on the right botom corner watching.

The Watcher

A surreal painting done with water colours and ink. main coours purple and pink with dark blue shadows showing an androgenious figure with and alien type being by their side and angels on their shoulders.sea landscape is visible as well a a huge wave with big mushrooms on it.

At the beach

a photo of a hand drawing a circular shape ,next to it there is a smart phone showing an image of the same hand drawing with an tablet next to it showing a photo of the hand drawing and a phone next to it showing the same thing


A cup of tea on a paper .around the paper is painted with purple colour and some shells are placed around it

Tea time

A transforming dinosaur robot is sitting on a comfy chair having sme spresso and trkish delighed.

Dinobot takes a well earned break

Creation myth

Mixture of images morphed into one another .a face witha mustach biting a red apply a horse is behind him. a green landscape and a huge sun in the centre and underneath a tooth brush ad a dafadale afrong cyling agreen witch base guitar and in the centre a face of someon that looks like Gorbachev

All under the Sun

A giant black bug is holding a burger in it's antennas.

Burger Bug

behind the scene of a short film a messy home of an artistwit newspaper on the floor and lots of artwoks on the walls. the cinematographer and the sound person visible recording the actor who is sitting by a table. his painting is visible in the background

Picture Perfect Set

A photo of a flat intercome with a small cartoon of  muslim girl stuck above the door bells.

The guardian

Objects arranged a cut out cardboard of a muslim lady in the front and a metal cat and a wooden egg in the distance.there is a glass container incase in metal holding persian incense .

The visitor

a lion type face madevout of a clear plastic stawberry box stuck with cellotape on te window .view of the terrace ,the cloudy sky and buildings are visible from the window


object arragement .On a white background a circle created with granola and two big plastic eyes are looking at it. it could also be seen as a big giant face

Oh Granola

Coulour sketch if man standing on top of a mountain arms wide open


Series of objects in one lie after one another left to right a feather, paint brush, small tassel, smudge stick 
there is a tape meaure at the bottom

The tipping point

Installation of a miniature metal cat  looking at it's reflection in a square mirror tile. The surface underneath has rose colour printed patterns and cat's shadow is light is refleting on cat's face.

Who is the dreamer?

An abstract photo showing spheres of red and blue light


The chocolate grains at the bottom of the cup create this beautiful image.I see a dreamy cosmic landscape showing a constellationn of stars and conjunction of planets .a face can be seen in within the cnstelation .it's like a deer or an alien the two planets in the constelation are is eyes .
a couple on the corner are viewing the stars .the woman is pregnant .

The Constellation