Marilyn Kyle

Bio: M.A. Fine Art (UAL - Wimbledon) M.Ed Art in Education (Exeter)


Instagram: @marilyn_kyle_art

A row of prints, subject 'X', hanging from a print drying rack.  One of my responsibilities as an artist is to ensure the space is left tidy for others as well as caring for my work.

Hanging Xs

Apple/chrome green rectangle with light creamy coloured suggestion of 'X' touching left side and bottom edge of frame.  A hint of a circle where the 'arms' meet: is it a halo?


Mixed media work, including coir rope; cardboard; paint; latex. Landscape oriented rectangle in which two crosses (or 'X's') 'traverse' the centre. One cross, or X,  is 'real', made of  coir rope; the second, darker one, is apparently a shadow of the other, sitting slightly lower in the frame.  Behind both is a surface: white and milky tea in colour.  Hints of lines and possibly text are evident. The top right corner is dark - perhaps another shadow, or is it paint?

Are You Real

Collagraph print: rectangle (almost square).  Dusty, light turquoise blue, red and cream.  5 x 'X's': large central red X; smaller X with it's smaller 'echo'  in blue, surrounded by cream on left hand side, and mid height; the same 2 'X's' appearing as a pale echo on the right & slightly lower.  Across the bottom third of the frame, is a diagonal hatched blue and cream area.

Let X = X

An abstract rectangle (portrait).  Paint and printed: 'X' within a ground of Grey/Green/Black - some transparent, some opaque: different thicknesses

Inside Outside Boundary

Deep crimson and black painting on light grey ground.  The paint is used thinly, 'dribbly' in parts but thicker in other parts.  Some paint runs onto the grey ground.  A 'portrait' layout, with the top third being mainly deep crimson and the lower two thirds black/grey/white.  Two slim, grey/white diagonal crosses (or X's) sit centre base, approximately a third of the height of the painted area.


An off-white rectangle, divided vertically into two by a torn paper line. Each side of the rectangle bears an embossed X.

X + X = XX

A square image containing text - grey on white.  The words repeat across and down the page: "X" print emboss
In the centre a text box with today's brief written in it "Don't make anything today. Just send a description of what you would make.

A description of what I would have made today

A printed dark red 'X' on a dark grey ground. A torn edge curves upwards from bottom left to top right, the lower piece collaged onto a lighter grey background.


Two grids, one above, one below, form a single piece.  The painterly pieces, in grey tones, respond to works by Agnes Martin.  The top rectangle, a hand drawn linear grid, reminiscent of school graph paper, with white lines on grey.  Whilst the lower rectangle resembles a piece of painted canvas, laying on a pencil drawn grid: this grid continues across the canvas like piece where each 'box' is filled with a painted diagonal cross.

A collaboration - with thanks to Agnes Martin

A pale grey rectangle (thin portrait) - the flower of a cream Snakeshead Fritallaria sits in the top half.  From it's base, a dark grey patch descends, reflecting the shape of the flower.  At the tip of this patch, a small 'peachy' coloured cross sits - we can only ponder why it is there.


Whites, creams and pale greys rectangle (landscape) with a textile diagonal cross in the left half. The cross is lifting slightly on the inner edge of one of the 'bars'.  The rectangle fades gradually from light (left) to dark (right).


A square collage of tonal papers.  Two diagonal crosses dominate: the larger one, light, pinkish grey to the left and dark, and the smaller, slate grey shadowing it to its right. One 'leg' of each cross extends upwards to the right. All shapes are geometric with triangles and rectangles of different proportions - some cropped.


Red & black mono-print on white ground.  Broken black covers the rectangle (portrait), white marks - perhaps handwriting or a language, etched in.  A haze of red drifts down from the top left corner with a powerful diagonal red cross in the bottom right corner.


Rectangular acrylic painting: 2 diagonal crosses, one blue grey larger crossed the page whilst the smaller, deep alizarin red 'lurks' b9ehind and to its left. The background is predominantly a petrol blue.  Small marks/areas of lilacs, yellow ochres and green are also present.  A few trickles of colour fall down the page.

La Femme Qui Pleure

Rectangular image (landscape) of 3 deep crimson printed diagonal crosses, across the page - each having a 'veined' appearance.  Each cross has blurred/broken edges, with the one on the right hand side being most distorted, its right edge projecting outwards, with a blue/grey edge and having lost its 'x' shape. The background is a grey/green transparent colour, darkening towards the corners.

Mothers Bloodline

Acrylic glazes, painted on rectangular paper (portrait)using layered, and variously thinned, pthalo blues and deep naphthol crimsons.  The rectangle is loosely broken into various areas with the dominating 'subjects' being diagonal crosses (X). These crosses are in three sizes, one large (blue) - lower 3/4 of page and central, one medium (crimson) - lower half of top left quarter, and around 30 small drawn crosses, top left 1/3 of page.  The large and medium crosses interlink/overlap and 'bleed' into one another.

Crossing the Divide

Screen print of laptop screen showing a, black text on white ground, research document:

A large 'X' centre top with 9 bullet points listed below.  The bullet points itemise different meanings and connotations of 'X'

'X' - Research

Deep red rectangle; acrylic on canvas.  'Hazey' marks - 2 across top & 2 across lower halves - hint of crosses, or perhaps fading to a heart or maybe a hint of a top lip, at the bottom right figure.


Landscape image, black, greys and buff colours.  A rough textured cross (like St Andrews cross) laying across the page, reaching 3 sides. The centre of the cross is about 1/3 down from the top and almost 1/2 way across (from side to side).  Deep shadows reveal that the cross is 3D.

Taking the Power

Mono printed red ink filling the space of a torn 'x' shape. The 'x' uses approx the left 2/3 of the landscape space. Broken red ink marks 'fall' away downwards and also towards the bottom right corner with a little up to the top left.