Luke Parfitt

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fuck the european super league

my empty bedroom which is going through renovation


very cold

very cold

a quote from a guardian article is highlighted; "This valley is cut in the shape of my heart." the link is here

the land of my fathers

reasons to be happy

not make per se


i am a bit tired today, sorry.

my first tik tok

a photo of a train line taken from my seat on the train. there is a can of coke and a bottle of san-pellegrino in the table. the sky is blue but there are also some clouds.

i used to spend hours everyday on trains, not anymore.

(it's been a long day, i do love this song though)

a mother's love

a rudimentary drawing of a smiling sun cello-taped onto my bedroom window with grey skies behind it

it's always sunny in merthyr tydfil

the marlboro man

words to live by

kirk van houten struggles to draw dignity in season 8, episode 6 of the simpsons, titled 'a millhouse divided'z

can i borrow a feeling?

composition with red blue and yellow within a microsoft excel worksheet


what brings me joy? the welsh national football team, tbh i wouldn't be able to summon the words.

let's just say i work in tax