Sophie Morton

Instagram: @Sophiekmorton

A screen shot showing an image viewed in OneDrive. The image is a digital drawing of a cave with someone walking through it, clinging to the wall. Visible outside the cave is the shape of a dragon.


A ball point pen drawing. There is a line leading almost into a ribbon shape that splits in two gooey threads.


A ball point pen drawing of a melting eye ball, surrounded by an outline of melting skin and strands.


An embroidery ring with a drawing of a girl surrounded by bats. Her eyes are sewed on in red string. The background is cluttered and messy.


A drawing of a skull wrapped in leaves with wilting flowers around it. There is a snake wrapped around the skull also. It's is drawn in a black liner


It is a digital painting utilising a red pencil as an outline and watercolour style colouring. On a greyish blue circle with a peach coloured outline sis the head and shoulders of a young girl surrounded by three bats. The girl has pale orangey red hair and same coloured eyes with no pupils. She has her hair in a ponytail and two small fang holes are visible on her neck.


A picture of grass with a river in the background and the sun setting.


A digital painting of a girl with a purple twisting neck and red marking over her mouth. There is a blue background and it is in a muted palette


A pale pink and blue watercolor background with two abstracted human forms drawn in biro. One of just an abdomen straight on and one is a side view. There are several twisted lines at the top of the page leading into the first torso.


A photograph showing a makeshift bed with grey sheets. Pink towels are thrown on it and there is an opened Amazon parcel. Against the bed on the wall there is a large rectangular canvas covered in plastic wrapping with the front of the canvas against the wall.