Olivia Mansfield

Bio: We could be lifted....lifted....lifteeeee e e eed

Website: http://oliviamansfield.com/

Instagram: @olivesalchemy

Image shows a multicoloured background with fingers coming in and out of frame from the right hand side. The fingers are also multicoloured. The hands fingers are touching and rubbing the surface of the painting.
It has a psychedelic vibe, it repeats as a gif and is slightly out of focus.

To touch the paintings

There is a peach colour crescent across the painting almost like a rainbow shape over the landscape. A dog is leaping through the middle of the piece. The mid ground consists of pinkish, peachy mountains. Swirls of colour and shape drape over the hill side. There is a dark green background, very textured, which has a brown orb floating in front of it, a red drip is falling from the centre of the orb. This motif sits above the leaping greyhound like dog with blue skies beyond. Over all the colours of the piece range form pastel blues and greens, to peachy pinks and oranges, purples, crimsons an

Twilight leaps

The image is an abstract flurry of shapes and colours, it has lots of busy lines and blobs all merging about the place in an unconventional manner. 
Dark reds, yellows, greens, greys and black, along with whitish beige blobs all converge to make a rectangular abstract painting.

And here’s one I made earlier...

Image is of a profile for an Olivia Mansfield on Simmons of webpage. There is a circle profile picture with and abstract painting pictured within it.  Beneath that circle reads the name Olivia mansfield in a bold black type face. Below that reads United Kingdom with a red location marker, below that reads Account settings. All on a white background.

Always on my phone boo.

Image is of a pencil sketch on a white background. The image is blurry. There is a greyhound in mid leap stretched accross the middle of the piece. There are echoes of spheres and circles around it. Mountains are beneath the animal, and a faint outline of tree can be seen. There is an archway structure above the hound, with two large tear drop shapes dripping from the highest point of the arch. It has a blue print feel, draft like, it is a line drawing. 
The image is portrayed in a gif, which overlays the hand drawn lines of the piece with a very bright blue and red flashing colours.


Image is of a sketch in terracotta pencil. It outlines a sculptural form. A sort of oblong shape, a loose female form or goddess like shape, with what appears to be legs and knees drawn as spirals. A tiny amount of shading is there to indicate its a 3D object. It’s a fast a very rough, simple sketch. 
Writing beneath it reads, idea for goddess sculpture #day16.

Goddess day#16

The image is of a painters palette very close to and at a side angle. The dried crusty lumps of paint look like little mountains in a mini landscape. Colours range from red to green to yellow. There is a lot of shadow on the on the picture.



Image is two hands intertwined, cropped into a circle with a white background. The image is repeated over and over on itself, like a house of mirrors sort of abstraction.

Touch #2

Shown is an image in a circle, it is a close up of interlocking fingers. The hand of a child and of the mother. It’s so enlarged it looks almost abstract.


There is a moving image of a somewhat somber looking woman’s face. She is wearing a head scarf or maybe a nuns habit. 
There are are pink, blue and green colours shifting behind her. You can almost make out an outline of an abstracted hand and some robes. The letters of ‘iota’ and ‘sigma’, taken from the Greek alphabet, are floating above her on the right hand side, written in black ink. The video repeats like as a gif.

Somebody’s Sins

Image is a pregnant female figure with long hair. She is a vibrant multicoloured lady, swathes of green, orange, yellows, blues and reds make up the colour of her skin. She is stood on a white background and the shadow of a hand looms to the left of the image.


A narrative

Image is a painting of a nude female figure on one knee, she is holding a large banner, the fabric cascades and un-folds behind her as she waves her arms in the air. She floats in front of a big greyish blue mountain.


Image shows a windowpane with paper cut outs stuck to it. The cut paper is painted orange and green, the shapes depict two little song birds perching on some very curvy leaves which are spouting from the corner point of a large, light blue, piece of textured glass. Outside is a patio, wooden table and benches, some trees, garden paraphernalia and a gloomy grey sky above.

‘Look at the birdie’

Image is a line drawing, mono print. It shows a person with their finger up their nose, they have stars drawn on their face. They look like their half smiling. Around the portrait are written phrases - it’s not guilty tho, 100% my type on paper, trash tv, R.Kelly, I’m no demon, I am love, epic long showers.


Pictured is a painting of a dog surrounded by lots of celestial imagery. Almost like a tarot card illustration vibe. The hound in in the centre of the price, he is sat surrounded by big tear drops in orange and pink which are faking from a rainbow, a flying dove symbol and colourful arches above. There are motifs of mountains and water beneath the creature. Colours range from, green, blue, orange, red, purple and pink.

The Hound

Image is a nature guide for ladybirds. There are 10, black and red ladybirds pictured with differing markings on an A4 page which reads ‘Guide to ladybirds of the British Isles’. 
There are small limited descriptions of the type of ladybird beneath each  one. Example would read “1. Seven spot ladybird, Coccinella, 7-punctata”.

pic 12

A spot lit white backdrop. A hand moves quickly into the frame which is  filmed as a time lapse. The hand is moving erratically, making shapes and shadows. The sequence is repeated in the form of a gif. The word ‘Tool’ with a captial T, is written in a thin, peach coloured typeface located in the bottom left hand corner of the video. The word ‘its’, with a capital I, is written in thin peach coloured typeface in the bottom right hand corner of the video.


The image is a painting of an open l, beige colour pizza box on a Matt black background. The pizza inside as a puffy blue crust and a landscape scene makes up where the cheese and toppings would be. Mountains in the scene are pink with orange and yellow tones, there are two pink sins in the greenish yellow sky and the pizza landscape is cut into 8 slices with thin lines marking the sections.


The image on screen is of a painting  depicting a large billboard with a red basket ball hoop at the bottom of it. On the billboard background is a mountain landscape scene, with a floating sphere or planet like shape in the centre. Colours range from rusty oranges to lemon yellows, turquoise and purple tonnes in the landmass. There are green leaf like shadows in the right hand side corner and some faint orange leafy parts creeping into the frame. There is a completely black background behind the billboard.