Linda Hibbin

Painted glass shade of night light.

Bringing a little light into the world.

A dog toy made to look like a face. Scary.

The advice was DON'T frighten the dog. It did.

Knitted frog torn apart by my dog.

Me? Cheat? I'm a good girl. I just fall apart if found out.

Photo of materials I'd like to incorporate into a mosaic with broken plates from Asia.

No admin, but motivated to plan a mosaic I've been putting off.

Photo of my catalogue of mosaic work.

My catalogue of mosaic work

A plate of cookies I was trying not to make day 14

Made the cookies I didn't want to make on day 14 (thats how I'm not losing weight)

Steep path overgrown at sides.

As long as you're going down it. Yes.

Photo of jar of honey and jar of oats.

I WOULD make oat cookies if I wasn't eating healthily :-(

Needle felted black cat made from cat hair.

Remade a cat from cat hair. (Needle felt)

OIl painting of cat and mouse almost nose to nose. Cat inquisitive. Mouse safe.

Fancy collaborating with me?

Empty whisky bottles with painted bottles containing led string lights.

Not exactly the brief but it worked for me.

Mosaic house in garden with words, 'Love makes a house a home.'

A home in my home

Photo of my window with 4 heads I've mosaicked and my dog sleeping on the window sill.

Mosaicked heads and dangerous dog (?) displayed in window STOPS unwanted visitors accessing home!

Woven basket and placemat made from the pages of a magazine.

Q: Any ideas what I can do with an old magazine? A: Get weaving.

Photo of my mosaic work, mosaicked mannequin torso and a torso waiting to be decorated, in window with my dog looking out at the world.

Still life with dog

My guilty pleasure. A cream egg. Foil started to be taken off. Scrabble letters saying, 'my precious.'


Abstract. Ink free-flowing.

Free for all

Abstract water colour inks, air brushed, drawn, brushed.

Mind Blown

Open pages of book on the delights of drawing. This is about the history of drawing with pen and ink and I've drawn a swan's head with a feather in its beak.

Feather brain

Newspaper collage about robots caring for the elderly in the future.

A robot servant would be a joy!

A Clanger from a small moon-like planet is saying, 'Greetings Earthlings. Happy Day 1, Happy April Fools Day, Happy day before Good Friday, Happy 268 days to Christmas,'

Greetings Earthlings