James Hatton

Website: https://www.jhatton.xyz

Instagram: @j.hatton29

A tiled floor with multicoloured circular patterns seen from above

France, 1969

a man sits on a sofa looking into the lens. he is shot in black and white. another image is overlayed in the right half of the frame. It is of a street lamp and a row of buildings.


a repeating green, yellow, brown and black pattern, reminiscent of oil on the surface of moving water


in front of a distorted black and white cubic background are the phrases 'in water such a terrible concept' and 'there, you know, our friends once came to speak'. In the centre of the image is a pastel-tinted image of some cigarettes grabbed from a video.

a poem fragment / scan / still / smoke

Wait Wait Wait

a manipulated photograph of a bike frame found in amongst a bed of nettles. The background has been partially erased and a multi-coloured pencil drawing of the bike frame's shape has been inserted as another layer in the foreground.


i would make a machine that imitates air, but with none of the moving particles. something like a turbo-charger, but for nothing. molecules: zero / particulate: nada / gases: zip / solids: nothing / liquids: nought. maybe ram-air is the way to go - something like a screw super-charger, that forces the nothing into a space of ever increasing and decreasing volume. imitation air could then be used in air conditioning units, leaving the ReallyAir™️ for the outside world and all its flora and fauna. i would build a structure on/in which to house the machine, maybe a faraday cage

an idea for a really helpful machine

three drawings on top of each other. a man in a t-shirt with the word shit on the front gives a thumbs up to his shoe

second thumbs up for my shoe

a human figure wearing a green shirt and purple trousers is bending down to give a thumbs up to his foot while walking. his shoe is bright orange and his arms and hands are red.

giving my foot some encouragement as it carries me on another walk

a humanoid figure with a purple face stands at a table in the foreground. He is cutting off a finger and grimacing

Jamie Oliver cutting off his wonky finger with his excellent knife skills

filters in one home or other

yeah bouy

A square photo of an overgrown gas diagram post. The diagram has fallen off, revealing a pattern in the glue underneath in which the artist has interpreted a shape of a horse.

I see a horse

A face mask made out of fax paper showing a distorted pattern has been hung from the handle of a window. Three circular holes have been cut out, imitating eyes and a mouth. In the background we can see into some back gardens.

someone to concentrate on during zoom calls

a close up photograph of a sesame seed. Text on the seed reads ‘open’. The photo is heavily saturated and slightly distorted.


a screenshot of an unfinished script called 'Wash 'n' Vac' Episode One: Trouble Money. The screenshot shows a title page and thumbnails of other pages that are too small to be read.

wash 'n' vac episode 1

A digital photograph of a dead fish exhibiting signs of rigor mortis. Text in the top left hand corner of the image reads Rigorous Mortise Joints.

rigorous mortise joints

A countertop with a blue-green can and red plate. On the wall behind hangs a grey strip with an orange knife and fork attached to it.

some new useless 2D kitchen utensils

A purple cartoon head rests on an oversized kick pedal for a drum kit. There are two drum sticks floating behind the head. The head is smiling.

letting my head do the work for once

A soluble crayon drawing of a room. In the centre of the room sits a chair drawn in various shades of pink. On the chair sits a large green plant with blue leaves. The floor and back wall of the room are silver. The walls are yellow. The left wall has not been treated with water, where the right hand wall has, giving it the look of a wash. Against the right wall leans a blue umbrella. The outline of the room is in two shades of green.

the room is a plant-pot holder