Jessica Stirling

Bio: Ceramic artist

Instagram: @JvS_2017

Re imagined wings made from thread and broken sections of porcelain feathers.  Found feathers painted in layers with porcelain slip.

Bound feathers

Found feather from another day- I just like it.

‘Another day’

Finally got my domain sorted so now I just got to get the website up and running.  I’ve got 60 days until I can transfer it to square space and go live. I now have no excuse to get on and put it together!

For#30works30days  not sure how long pickling lasts but it has shelf time!


Marking time with paint and paper.

Tied up

Ceramic and real pebbles with a ceramic odd ball.

There’s always one

A plot for a creative day


Yesterday reworked in cut paper and ink.  my collaborator was unwilling to have another go so it’s more of a small step sideways than forward!

Remember yesterday?

Easy company

A re working of a ceramic piece I did a couple of years ago based on memories. Instead of ceramics I used paper as a commercial option that could be framed and wall hung.  The original piece took a huge amount of time, planning and colouring porcelain with the true colours only showing once fired.  The making also took time and although I had a real connection with the piece it was never going to be commercial.

Memory of memories

Materials used- rusty wire and recycling from day8 
Started of as a nest but evolved as a sort of shell structure

Still thinking about it

A disgruntled dog Walker storms off from a wild clay arrow unimpressed by my temporary markings.  For him any artistic intervention was hideous and took away from nature.


Site visit

Going nowhere

Down that rabbit warren of the online visual world.  Just sometimes it gives something back special.

I only went looking for a worktable...

Celebratory garland in my wild garden clay-( unfired as yet and more to make!) from completing a big building job over the past couple of years.  It’s taken me away from what I would have liked to be doing but it will give me more freedom in the future so I’m not complaining.  Dug from the foundations of where I can now start to work - this clay was brought up over two years ago, processed last year and now finally on my table top!  More pics on Instagram.

Celebratory garland

Stripes of information - each page has a life story


Not original but very useful - ..  ..couldn’t find the protractor that will be even more useful shaped and sanded

Blade bound

A selection of pocket finds from the past ten years or so all of which have a link with a special person.

The company I keep and Pocket finds

A language to be seen and felt but not heard