Frances Gibson

Bio: Frances Gibson is a maker based in London


Instagram: @frances_gibson_art

A few pages of a sketchbook lie on a table. There are multiple attempts at drawing a crocodile wearing crocs and sock. In pencil, red pencil and purple pencil.

Crocs in Socks in Crocs

A line drawing on white paper in red felt tip. Two hairy legs hang from above with string tied around the feet. The string goes down and is attached the the pedals of a bike.


A purple and green lettuce head is held by an orange sleeved and. There are fine digital scribbles over the lettuce head, and a circle of a magnified section is to the top right.

Today’s Harvest

An A3 piece of paper is on the ground outside. The ground is crumbling concrete and there are loads of dandelions. The paper has the words ‘GAY IS THE MOST GORGEOUS SMELL’ painted in splodgy leaf green.

Rainbow Bath Bomb

The artist is photographed in front of a floor length yellow framed mirror, a large house plant, a white wall and on a dark green floor. The person is white, has short yellow hair, and their eyes are blurred half shut, half open. They are wearing a yellow T-shirt with a drawing on. The drawing is an outline of a body, with no face. It has open windows where the nipples should be.

The nipples are the eyes of the face

A brown paper bag with a drawing of a door. The door has hats, scarfs and bags hung on the back. On one of the scarves you can read the word ‘GAY’.

Waiting for my girlfriend to get out of the shower

A black felt too drawing on white paper. A bowl of steaming ramen noodles with half a boiled egg, mung beans, mushrooms, coriander, sesame seeds and a person smiling with half their body submerged and there toes and arms sticking out of the soup. Chop sticks lie to the left of the bowl. A ramen spoon lies to the right. A pair of crocs left by the swimmer sit by the edge.

The Path of Least Resistance

Four pieces of card sit alongside each other on a pink chequered cloth. Each card has a speech bubble and text drawn with purple crayon. The first card reads ‘THIS IS A JOKE ABOUT AN ANT THAT DIED AND CAME BACK AS A GHOST’. The second card reads ‘THIS IS A JOKE ABOUT A SPANISH CHEESE THAT TALKS, AND ALWAYS STARTS THEIR SENTENCES WITH “OK, SO...”’ .The third card reads ‘THIS IS A JOKE ABOUT A MAN THAT LOSES HIS CAR NAD HIS BOYFRIEND AND ITS GOT SOMETHING TO DO WITH CARLOS’. The last card reads ‘THIS IS A JOKE ABOUT JESUS WALKING INTO A PUB AND LEAVING THE DOOR OPEN BEHIND HIM’

Potential Jokes

A hand holds a piece of card (9 x 7.5 cm) the card has a drawing of six ants dancing in pairs. The word ‘D’ants’ is written in swirly handwriting in the top right corner.


Rainbow paper, with a black fine-line drawing of a creature. Two people have collaborated to play the game ‘exquisite corpse’ there are arms, boobs, beards, eyeballs, high heels and ice creams for feet.


A page is divided unevenly into 6 sections. 2 across 3 down. The first square is titled ‘fig 1 TUPPENCE’ with a line drawing of a whippet dog. The second square (across) ‘fig 2 PENNY’ with a line drawing of a nondescript  dog. The third square ‘fig 3 PITTANCE’ with a drawing of three ants. The fourth square ‘fig 4 PET ANT’ with a drawing of an ant on a leash. The fifth square ‘fig 5 ANTS ARMPIT’ with a drawing of an ant with a magnifying glass and a zoomed in drawing of an ants armpit. The last square says ‘fig 6 ANTS ARMPIT HAIR’ with a drawing of two hairs coming out of a black scribble.


A black line drawing on a cream background, of a spooky overgrown building that looks a bit like a church.

Ladywell Coroners Court

A arm in a teal fleece, holding a yellow piece of card with a drawing on, at the entrance to a postbox. The drawing has a maze of arms all with black nail varnish. Two of the arms are hairy, and the legs have shaved hair spots.

All hands & feet on deck



A line drawing of a body with windows for nipples.

The nipples are the window to the soul

A white piece of card, with a crude drawing of a packet of 100 mini rolls. The drawing is done with a thick black liner, a thin black liner, pencil for shading and a yellow ‘family sized’ stripe down the left hand side. The drawing is sat on a dark orange background.

100 mini rolls

A white piece of card sat in a white tiled corner above a bath. The card has a drawing of a family tree made up of ants. There are 62 ants in total. The drawing is done with black fine liner. The drawing is crude and scratchy.


A white piece of water colour paper balanced on a house plant. The paper has a blotchy yellow sun with a bored scratchy face. It is surrounded by clouds and a hatched sky, drawn with fine liner.


A drawing on grey card hung on a white wall with a nail and a bulldog clip. The grey card has a black line drawing of a cutlery handle with 8 arms coming out the end. The hands have white finger nails.

Dream Cutlery

A drawing on a yellow wall. The drawing reads ‘pick your weapon’ above a bowl which reads ‘your favourite pudding. Surrounding the bowl is lots of strange cutlery.

Your favourite pudding

A simple line drawing of a pile of 8 bikes. One has the frame painted red, one has a blue chain guard, and another has a yellow seat. The rest of the bikes are just black line. The drawing is on a scrap piece of badly cut card. It is clasped with a bulldog clip, hung on a pin, on a wall with peeling flowery wallpaper.