Alex Snax

Instagram: @alex.snax

multi layered mixed media acrylic gesso watercolour masking fluid pencil mainly red and white says something like it's nice which was unsolicited and then came with passive advice

Tuesday Exclusive

mixed media acrylic pens watercolour masking fluid gesso neon pink green glitter metallic vertical lines hidden writing now cheat

Something that I never had

watercolour gesso pencil

Admin as art

even if i had loads of space it would all fall out and I would have to remind myself that no matter what there would be available it would still be difficult to stay organised

Pull the cord / don't pull the cord

pencil drawing of abstract shapes and fruit machine icons and disco traffic lights with bath bomb pink blue glitter for background

All that's solid melts into water

text hold me now green blob pencil gesso loops blue dot

Do I Need Assistance?

In Your Room

abstract mess

Always end up doing a penis

Notes on. Co-Art: Artists on Creative Collaboration by Ellen De Wachter

postcard print rio festival woman woman muppet opening window is real sign penisy dog balloon with writing cloud in sky handrawn collage cut out screenprint

Maybe in the Summer

pink green white impasto streaks neon orange mixed media graphite pencil

Cotton Wool


text reads being abstract blue and pink shapes with orange heart and yellow lines pink watercolour background posca pens on black and white photocopy

Hold Me (collab. with @ruthpickard)

square angles park magenta green

Watching Windows (collab with @seventhousandfaces)

palm. trees cake neon colours water colour black lined pen hidden pencil

Triple Threat

pencil drawing 3D shapes planes tonal


theory and examples in popular culture to do with supermarkets

Research notes

pink and white wire frames and wheels repeated and offset

Desire Lines

pink blob ice cream sperm surrounded by blue circles bubbles bubble wrap frogs spawn. green highlight tree grid

Given Me

blue ground yellow spotlight with lunar landscape