Eleanor Louise West

Bio: Eleanor Louise West (she/they) is a queer disabled artist currently surviving and working in south London. Their work is concerned with exploring their lived experience through an interdisciplinary practice (but mainly focusing on textiles), creating work for other queer people to consume.

Website: https://eleanor-west.format.com/

Instagram: @tepidpaper

Posi vibes?


Photo of the Artists Knees, brown and purple sharpie on White Skin spelling out “LEGS HURT” with a word on each knee. Below the letters on each knee is drawn a sad face

Legs Hurt

The start of a quilt. Green, Pink and white fabric are cut in to triangles on to a brown floral backing fabric. The design makes diagonal patterns where the rows of fabric intersect. The photo is taken zoomed in on a large section of the quit, showing each triangle pinned in to place ready to sew.

Textile Art involves so much measuring and maths!

The artist (white person with a pink fringe, dressed in pink tee and skirt) holds their sketch book in front of them with three drawings of todays models in different poses.

I started attending life drawing events since lockdown! Thank you Today Trans Life Draw!!

Animation drawn loosely of the artist brushing their teeth. Around the head is scribbled amalgamations of the words “butch” “femme” “stinky” “dirty“

I was in a lot of pain today (that’s how I forgot to brush my teeth)

A handmade quilt with many patches on. The quilt is on the artists bed with many soft toys including a bear, a hippo, a loaf of bread and a squish-mellow. Above the bed is a woven pink heart and a large granny square crochet

Comfy Art for The New Owner

Ode to Mandy Dingle

Procreate scribble drawing. In the background is a lightened picture from the beginning of an Emmerdale episode with the logo running across the top of the image.  In the centre of the image is Matty (beloved Emmerdale character, white man) next to Colin (White non-binary person) with a heart with the trans flag inside. Along the bottom of the image is a number of figures, some that are Matty's "manchester friends" (original characters in Colin's story) some are Emmerdale characters such as Vinny, Liv, Amy and Finn. The image is very colourful.


Simply Fabrics

I’m not a real woman

Three fabric patches, Mars, Earth and Venus. Mars and Venus are labeled with simplistic lines marking their textures and labeled in the same thread colour. The earth has “Queers feel like home” embroidered in blue with a Europe/Africa facing earth with countries stitched in green. The fabric is laid on paper with outlines with the venus and male symbols drawn around the respective planets.

Between Venus and Mars

Vaseline original embroidered on to quilt. The tin is blue and white and is embroidered in to a white spot of red spotted fabric. “Original” is embroidered wonky, spilling over the circle boundaries.

Disabled artist feeling: trying to be kind to yourself when you’re in pain

Mini pini-apron made from canvas with lace trim. The canvas is hand-dyed with natural plants and has greens, yellows and purples running through the abstract design. On the canvas is embroidered the house from When The Wind Blows (1986) the house is in purple floss and the trees around in green. In black above is written "Cottagecore Dreams & Queer Femme Futures". The apron is worn by the artist (a white person who was assigned female at birth) who stands with bare legs and stomach with only the apron on, they stand against a backdrop of green shrubbery.

Cottagecore Dreams

A photo collage of an installation work the artist has made on the outside of her home. A long piece of blue fabric with "The NHS Don't need our rainbow, they need a pay rise" written in paint pens is hung from a small window on the top floor of a two-story council house. The O on OUR has the double venus, double mars and the transgender symbol combining the two on it to symbolise the LGBT community, NHS is a shonky version of the logo coloured in quickly with white marker.

"The NHS Don't need Our Rainbow, They Need a Pay Rise" - Marker on Fabric out of my loo window.

A gif of a zine page by page, the zine explores a journey with identity markers and the feeling of entrapment. The last page explores queer and trans joy in harmony. The zine is made with collaged magazines, post-it notes and sharpie

Former Lesbian: Eleanor (A story of trans and queer joy)

A transfer dye painting printed on to fleece fabric, the print has then been turned into a pillow. The image is based on 'Night Mists'  by Montague Dawson and is of two ships. One with many sails that is dissolving in the mists, the other a smaller fishing yacht in the foreground both have their lights reflecting into the seawater below. The recreation makes the once subtle tones of this historic painting almost neon with the raw transfer dyes, due to the printing process the original image is also reversed.

Trying to make a painful object feel welcome in my home (It hasn't worked)

A badly photoshopped drawing of a quilted banner, the individual triangles are full of archive material from the rebel dykes and Greenham common. On top of the patches is an outline of Greenham common, with where all the gates are circled in their respective colours.

I'm going to be in an exhibition in the summer (maybe), this is a mock up of the work?

Sketches on tracing paper from a life drawing class, the sketches have been overlayed on a scanner and reprinted and then put on the fridge with a Gluck self-portrait fridge magnet and a chocolate fridge magnet. Alice the lift drawing model wears a rabbit eat hat in all of the poses, they are also a wheelchair user so this features in some of the sketches in the background. The foreground sketch is mixed media, posca pen, crayon, biro, and glitter felt tips. Alice is sat on a corner sofa, surrounded by pillows and notably a mushroom pillow that features in the background.

Best Tool Is Community https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-a-disabled-nonbinary-get-mobility-equipment

Transfer dyed fleece with embroidery. The image is of a figure covered in blankets on a bed through the overlapping layers of green, yellow, and red printed detailed abstract the scene. The figure is only visible with their legs, bum, a small part of an arm, and a hand, the artist has used a pale blue for their partner's skin and pink for the boxers and hands! Across the bed is lots of sprinkled dots of colour for the underside of the quilt, the top has rainbows which are represented with small arches of colour, abstracted where the print registration was off.

Apple In The Morning

The artist (a white femme presenting a person with a pink fringe and coluorful eyeshadow) wears a hand-made pink collar with "she" and "they" embroidered onto the lapels. This image is on a magazine-style format in the upper left-hand corner, next to this is blue text reading " I THINK IF MY PRACTICE WASN’T ART IT WOULD BE FASHION FOR SURE, HOW I PRESENT TO THE WORLD IS A HUGE PART OF MY IDENTITY- THOUGH I’D BE NO GOOD A BRAND BECAUSE EVERYTHING I MAKE IS SO PERSONAL, I GET SO ATTACHED" . There is also detailed how the collar is "reversible for safety" revealing the lino print on the underside

She/They Collar (reversible for safety)