Peter Heywood

Bio: I'm an inventor/designer/maker that creates all sorts of art, from drawings to automata.


Instagram: @peter_heywood


A pixelated image of a Zoom meeting

Did I Ask for This?

Anybody Looking?

18 Works/18 Seconds

Shadow Puppets - Prototype

An ink drawing of myself with some ink wash

4 minutes, feeling my face, eyes shut, left hand

Resistance is Futile

A photo of a cardboard box, a transparent tubular container and a disposable latex glove

Key Components for a Mystery Project

A picture divided into vertical strips.  Alternating strips show a collage of Queen Elizabeth and a distressed collage of the Duke of Edinburgh


Multiple images of the Duke of Edinburgh superimposed in a process that creates a distressed effect


A framed picture of a coloured ink pattern.  Underneath is a  description together with a red label reading "Reduced for quick sale.  Now £500".


A back and white Lino print of a shell superimposed on a newspaper advert promoting internal fixtures and fittings for homes

Shell Only

Photo of boat clothes peg automaton transposed so that it appears to be much larger and is floating in into Looe Harbour

Boat Automaton (from Day 4) in a different Context (Looe Harbour)

Fish made from Recycled Marine Plastic

A picture of my wife and I putting down roots in Looe, taped to a window overlooking the sea and Looe Island

Roots, Reprise

A drawing of a smiling head, side-on, with the top part partitioned and labelled with fictitious phrenology categories


Black and white pattern resembling boxes

My First Ever Lino Print

Boat Race

This drawing aims to poke gentle fun at Damien Hirst and his spin paintings.  It shows a pedal powered machine used by his assistants to create the paintings alongside Damien, the "thinker" dreaming up titles for them.

Damien Hirst's tool

Top half of the drawing: my wife and I standing together.  Bottom half of the drawing: the roots we've put down, tangled with many other roots


The results of mark-making exercises that have been intercut to create wavey interwoven vertical bands.  One set of bands is yellow, red and pink.  The other is turquoise and green with what looks like black wheel-tracks.

Sun and Sea