Kim Plowright


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An apparently abstract ink drawing. A smudged graphite background is overlaid with some jagged pencil lines. Two oval scrawls in black ink sit one above each other in the centre of the drawing, and some long, blotted ink marks stretch either side, showing the texture of the paper. Some blue oil pastel marks are on the bottom right, with a large splash of blue ink running across the middle of the drawing. The underdrawing, now invisible, is pornographic.


An abstract ink drawing. A grid of three columns of black ink brush marks like fingerprints run down the left hand side, and a large blue ink blot is to the lower right. The blue is covered with a grid of white chalk pen rectangles. The ground is graphite powder, cut in to with erased marks, and angular meandering ink marks run across the drawing. You cannot tell that the drawing was made from a pornagraphic video.


An abstract drawing. The ground is a smudge of graphite powder, cut in to with a looping eraser mark. Restless lines with variable weight and shaky, jagged movement are tangled across the top half of the drawing, in graphite and in ink. Four rows of slanting tick marks in sharpie are to the lower left, and eight fingerprint sized brush blots in fountain pen ink run in two rows along the bottom. A series of blue ink drops in turquoise and a bright electric blue are in the middle of the drawing, in a cluster. It is impossible to tell that the drawing is based on a pornographic video.

Rebel Girls

An apparently abstract drawing - a background of graphite powder is cut in to by sharp erased lines.  A loose gridded group of black ink brush marks gathers at the bottom left, like fingerprints. A large dark teal splash loops over the lower right third of the drawing. A series of scratchy pen and pencil lines meander across the surface, pulling everything together. At the top right there is a scratchy mandorla shape, that could be a crude drawing of a vulva.
The lines in the drawing are responding to a pornographic video of two women having oral sex.


An ink and graphite drawing on textured watercolour paper. There are two broad brushstrokes in black fountain pen ink - the ink colour is bleeding and changing to blue grey. A group of double crosses in sharpie are at the right, and some angular, jagged black in marks cross the whole piece. The background is toned in graphite powder, and a faint underdrawing is visible. Two splashes of blue ink, one near process and one turquoise, cross the top of the drawing.

Full Scene

An apparently abstract ink and graphite drawing. In the background there is a blur of graphite powder, cut in to with eraser strokes. To the left is a series of black ink brush dabs, and a broad stroke of wash to the left. There are angular wandering ink and graphite lines across the piece. There are four blue ink drops running down the drawing, just off centre.
It's impossible to tell from the drawing, but the lines are a loose rendering of two young women having enthusiastic oral sex for the camera.

Helping Out


The work of art in the age of manual reproduction. Nine line drawings of a small spiky succulent, with thick wobbly black ink lines,  dots down the central stem, and red spikes. They are all quite wonky, and noticeably different to each other.

Prickly Reproduction

A graphite drawing of a spined succulent, on a soft graphite ground.

Studio Cactus (Imagined collaboration with GROW)

A small graphite drawing of a ruined brutalist concrete building surrounded by woodland undergrowth and trees. It has two columns at the front, and a ramp to the right hand side, in shadow. The perspective is slightly distorted.

Chain Home

A three panel drawing, in charcoal. The right hand panel is a large explosion cloud, with parabolic arcs of smoke and debris stretching over in to the middle panel. In the middle panel there are two ghostly drawings of chairs, floating in the centre of the picture plane in front of the explosion. The right hand panel has am overlaid sequence of figures of a woman dancing, recognisable as the Madison scene from Bande À Part.

All You Need

Three graphic A3 drawings of section of a dial. The left-most is drawn in blurred charcoal, and is dark. The outer edge of the dial has diagonal hatching and the word 'HEAVY'. The central drawing is imprecise black ink lines, a close up of a section with the word GLASS & visible on the outer edge. Inside the word %TRAPPED is visible, and some other words are truncated to the right - % UNTRA SERIO INJUR. The right image is a zoomed out view of half of the dial, in pencil. The hatched segment on the edge is labelled HEAVY TO LIGHT, and at the bottom the words Static Overpressure label the dial.


A charcoal drawing of a nude female torso, which blurs in to  indistinct broad soft marks and disappears towards the bottom of the image. The top third of the drawing is very dark, and it gets paler towards the lower half. It could be a landscape drawing.

Wandering Concepts

A blurred pale charcoal drawing, with red reversed lettering on three lines 'comm / and / line'. A dark looping, scrawled line runs across the image.

Command Line

A charcoal drawing of a man's clothed torso, and hands. He is wearing jeans and a shirt, slumped slightly. There is a large blank area where his erect penis should be; the artist has not drawn it in; it is visible only as a lack.

Cold Salt Water

A charcoal drawing of a hand, which is applying gentle pressure on the middle finger

Fixed Stain

Fifty-seven current concerns (sorted by length)

A scratchy ink drawing of an orchid flower, resting on a bench. There is a round ink-stone full of glistening black ink resting on it, and two bodged together pens lie next to it. The pens are made out of thin bamboo with nibs made from folded beer cans held on with insulating tape.

Tools: home-made pens, hand ground ink.

A two panel charcoal drawing - on the left is a dark carefully worked drawing of a mushroom cloud; the light seems to be radiating from behind it, in a burst of energy. On the right is a sheet of scratchy marks, reaching up on both sides of the sheet, like wings; it's made from the movement of dancing to Roxy Music's 'Virginia Plain' - my favourite song.

Virginia Plain

A two panel drawing in charcoal. On the left are some shaky letters, slanting downwards. CONTROL TECHNIQUES / CONTROL DEVICES / CONTROL DIALOGUE / CONTROL METALANGUAGE. On the left is a mother holding a baby up to her face - the baby looks anxious

Mother Of Demos