Sharyn Wortman

Bio: Contemporary Artist


Instagram: @sharynwortman

Light pastel colours in green and pink hint at a bowl form.  The image is very ethereal and disappears to white

Soul of an object

A small abstract shaped brown sea pebble, balance on a flatter whiter one. They are sitting on a wooden table top that is painted. The overall tones of the photo are blue

Waiting for Fish & Chips at a pub on the foreshore

Digital White type reversed out of coloured backgrounds of pink and green.

You’re Right

A green textured rasterised background. The slight variation in colour and pixel size reveals a USD on top of a white envelope

On top of the image is some text in white. It reads

“Dear Jo-Anne

Thank you for sending me one US dollar. I received it on the 8 February 2021.

Your project based on an American dollar bill is a very thought provoking one. Since the Second World War, countries around the world have used the US Dollar as their reserve currency.....”


Coloured pen illustration of stylised botanical drawings on poly. The abstract form has been photographed on a green granite surface.

Shared colouring 2

A black and white line drawing of a fox and foliage. Some of the image has been hand coloured in with coloured markers

Shared colouring

A screen grab of an instagram story. There is a moss covered brick with type in green panel that reads “using my artist lens I’d love to meet up and take you on an artists walk. Walks are 90 mins duration. DM for details”


A black and white image. A small architectural figure sits on top of a small wooden cube. This in turn sits inside an open cube of polypropelene. The background is a wooden benctop


A wooden plaque has been engraved by burning. It is attached to a pole that supports a young tree. The text reads. “ Conversation piece between the young and oldish. 
.What was your dream when you were my age?
. What happened to your dream?
. Shall we try and live our dreams when this is all over?”
A surburban street is out of focus in the background.

Conversation piece

Black and white image of a Cardboard cylinder that has a taped piece on the left hand side. It sits on a granite surface, the background is out of focus.

Could the base be more interesting? It needs more colour

Black and white mesh, lit in a square area to the top left hand side of the image, a dark band running down the right hand side and intersecting along the bottom of the frame. There are four circles visible there the dots seem to be reversed in black out of white instead of white out of black

Selling up Suburbia

A small abstract form is wrapped in gold foil reminiscent of an Easter egg. It sits on a black wooden shelf. Behind it sits at an identical form in clay and a postcard with a work of Tapies in gold and yellow tones.

Re wrapped

A close up image that occupies the entire screen. An open wicker weave sits on top of papier-mâché writing.

A birdbath of beauty

The image is almost monochrome, greys and browns. A sea anemone shell sits in the middle of the page, hedgehog fur rises up from the middle. It is wrapped at the base where fur meets shell with some natural silk thread.

A Memory Brush

A roughly hewn chunk of wild chalk has been tied to a grey piece of driftwood that has small holes all over it. A cream, jute twine is holding them together. They sit on a grey concrete background, running almost the length of the photo from top to bottom


A papier-mâché abstract sculpture. It is sitting on a mahogany coloured wooden surface with neutral background of cream. The sculpture is covered with black and white hand writing that is incomprehensible.

Morning pages reconfigured

In the top left hand corner of the image a small raw clay pot holds three sunflower seeds. Tendrils rise up from the sides encasing the seeds. There is an opening at the front that we can see inside. The background is white with a slight blurred wooden texture close to the vessel

Wild Seed Womb - A wild clay planting vessel