Jeff Ko


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plant in a tin with 70's Sharwood's Curry Powder label

plant <3

Black background. Yellow outline of the back of a head, with acupoints, BL-10 highlighted. 4 abstracted yellow shapes are overlayed on the back of the head, highlighting other acupoints.

back of head

Pale pink background. Image of a mannequin with acupuncture points of the head and upper body in the right-hand corner of image. A transparent image of the back of a head with two acupuncture points on the back of the neck highlighted.

Back of the neck

Purple background. The right-hand side of the image has image instructions of the Tibetan 5 rites. The left-hand side has a figure illustrating the Sowa Rigpa school of Tibetan medical, astronomical and astrological thoughts in front of a green circle.


Lavender background. Text in the upper centre reads "For every 1% increase in unemployment, the suicide rate increases at approximately the same level. -Maria Nyman, director of Mental Health Europe". There is a large green arrow pointing upward behind the text stretching to the bottom half of the image. Below the arrow are six yellow dots. On the bottom right-hand side of the image is a red-checkered square.


Black background, bouncy castle centred, with the top of the image cropped, wavy pink line below and at the top of the image



The background is composed of several multicoloured tassels. Two abstracted prayer flag forms are centered in the top and middle of the image. The top form is a deep blue and pink and the bottom form is neon green with a pink form in front. Two further abstracted prayer flag forms are in the lower right-hand side of the image and are black.



Happy Monday

Pink background with light blue grid. A column of hyphens are on the left-hand side. Wavy text in light blue reads "There's a cruel irony in the fact that many of the symptoms stereotypically associated with so-called psychiatric illness - shuffling, rocking, pacing and so on - are actually caused by the psychiatric medication and not the "illness" itself. Where the wave on the text bends there is a light green circle. In the lower right-hand corner is a flow chart of the anti-psychiatry movement. On the left of the chart is a light green circle.



The background is an image of clouds. The text at the top is in italics and reads "Emoji of the week", below in the centre is the emoji of the 3rd place medal and below is a paragraph of text that reads "I've never used this emoji before this week, but it has played a pivotal role in allowing me to express my feelings over the last few days". This text is followed by the double heart emoji.

3rd (Bronze)

The word should has a line through it center-left and the word could is wavy with a drop shadow on the center-right

should / could

Text at top of the image reads "all of them so perfectly composed, so poised and in control, socialised to be out in public as reasonable members of society where all dramas are interiorized". Below are two circles on either side of the image, below is a semi-circle of blue in front of a pile of soil

all of them

A Painting by Miao Ying

Caring for, about & with

Jenga towers with the word interdependence in a wavy green font at the top of the image



Orange background. In the upper centre is an image of a large rock overlayed with an image of an anatomical body emphasising the skeletal system. The text underneath is number Zen Koan 76 - Stone Mind.


The ancient burden