Bryony Hussey


Instagram: @bryhussey

Animated gif with three images of an embroidered scene. From left to right: finger tips in light blue thread; a pair of hands cutting paper within a box in green thread; various stages of balding men in dark blue thread; two men pointing down at the bald men in orange thread; a yellow patch of fabric with a printed image of a footballer with a cow’s head flaps over and back atop the balding men; a grey handle or pillar holding the yellow fabric to the background  fabric. The background is white with a faded zigzag black pattern on the right hand size.

sraithe beoite

Oil pastels roughly colouring in a loose ink sketch of a green man with blue hair - his head thrown back and his arms spread-out.


Drawing of a male dancer kneeling with one leg stretching out in front of them and their arms reached out behind them.

arrested expressions

Fax drawings 📠

Lipstick window monoprint

No traces of a passage

Straddling lines

Hand holding a cuttlefish over soft sand. The cuttlefish’s insides and the sand crest similar waving patterns like lines in a map or traces or tracks.

Coastal palimpsest

To wobble / hover about


Sketchbook page showing a pencil drawn figure turning to the right with their arms stretched out. The figure is drawn in rough boxy shapes with no feet or facial features. There’s a red painted line across the top of the page across the right hand.

Roll reaching