Amelia Cullen

Instagram: @bestbefore_

A photograph of two sketches of shoe soles taped onto a white wall. The sketch on the left is of a black crayon outline of a sole and heel with a pink contoured insole and the sketch on the right is a black crayon sketch of a sole full with of contoured lines.

Participating, again, or still

A photograph of a side of a person’s face with a blue PPE mask on with long brown hair trapped in the hinges of a silver umbrella.


A photograph of a small metallic blue box bag resting on a black puffer half moon bag on a street pavement at night under street lamp light.

A kiss

A blurred photograph of Tower Bridge at night with the lights reflecting into the River Thames. Taken from London Bridge.


A blurred photograph taken on the top deck of a bus going over London Bridge of Tower Bridge and the river Thames at night. With the buildings lit up and reflecting into the water.

A ticket to tomorrow

A photograph of soft blue clay cut out in the shape of a shoe sole resting on top of a spoon. The spoon sits where the ball of the foot is. This clay sculpture sits on baking paper on a wooden desk with clay utensils and crayons


Photograph of a black oil cloth tote bag in the shape of boots with a long ecru canvas strap. On the right side of the bag is the left foot boot, the boot is black, mid calf height, with a square toe and is lace up. The bag is made to fit this pair of boots. The bag and boot sits against a white wall and on a terracotta tiled floor.

A home for my boots, which are also my home

Photograph of a pair of yellow and black chaps hanging on a brown hanger in a doorway. The chaps are a replica of Christina Aguilera’s chaps from her music video Dirrty that have the numbers ‘72’ on the right leg and ‘XTINA’ on the left leg.

too dirrty to clean my act up

Photograph of a yellow and black left leg trouser chap draped over a sleeve press ironing board on a speckled white kitchen counter with an iron and kettle in the background.

Making chaps

A photograph of a dark brown clay sculpture of a cowboy boot sole and heel on a wooden floor in a living room; with the motion of a leg and foot of a person about to place their foot on the sole. The person is wearing dark navy blue trousers and socks.

day 1, again

A photograph of an opened red can of original coca cola with green glitter lip marks surrounding the can opening. The can is held in a hand resting on a mid-brown wood table.

a coca cola at home with lipstick

A photograph of the corner of a hall way with wooden floors and white painted walls with four pairs of shoes lined up separated by lines of masking tape. The shoes on the far length are black suede mid-calf boots, to the right of those are a pair of mid-blue denim heeled loafers, to the right of those is a pair of black slip on heeled sandals and finally on the far right is a pair of black Adidas astroturf trainers with white stripes.

Car park

A two-page scan of a sketchbook; the left page is blank with tears of pages torn out visible in the centre and the right page has a pencil illustration of a person with their left knee and foot raised drawn from a floor perspective.

Researching angles

A black and navy blue wax crayon drawing of the sole and heel of a shoe with arch support built into the sole for over pronate or flat fleet.

Arch Support

Photograph of a brown clay candlestick with a white lit candle. The candlestick takes the shape of an upside down shoe sole and heel. The candle sits inside the heel part of the shoe. The candlestick sits on a brown table top against a white wall.

Sole Candlestick