Jessica Wilson-Leigh

Bio: she / her artist / designer living and working in Birmingham

Instagram: @jwilsonleigh

Yellow background with a cut out image of a white hand holding a large tin of irn bru

A taste of home

Blue background with white text, SOUP, for sharing, for making, for comfort

Future plans

Riso print with three layers of different colours. White background. First layer is a fluorescent pink layer, in the left centre / corner of the page there is a cut out image of an arm holding a spoon and the side of the face they are feeding. In the bottom right corner of this layer there is a cut out image of girl in a dress jumping / mid air with arms out stretched. The second layer is stretched out black text, it is a scanned receipt for a train ticket that has been warped and ripples across the screen. The final layer is a 3D Torus shape in the centre of the page which is a royal blue.

Birmingham, February 2020

White background with greyscale torus 3D shape in the centre

Bham, Feb 2020

Blue background with various 3D objects, top right hand corner there is a large 3D yellow sphere, and in the centre there is the same sphere but slightly smaller. To the bottom right there are three small 3D red oval shapes stacked on top of each other. In the left hand corner there is a large red oval shape and again in the top left corner but medium sized.


Light purple background with blue square in the centre, the blue square has various lava like shapes inside, outlined in black, there is a blue circle in the centre

Day 10

Pale blue background with arm image in the centre, tiny rock formations make up the outline of the arm image

Armed and ready

Pale blue background with digital black line drawing sketch of a blobby shape with wires from the top as though it’s hanging, there’s shadow behind the sketch making it feel more 3D and a white outline

3D sketches

Upside down armpit image, dark blue background. Armpit has various raw / fleshy / inflamed lumps on.

Armpit Lumps

A neutral grey / out of focus background with a fleshy pink slug shape in the centre. The slug has hairs across its back.

Hairy Fleshy Slug

bright blue background with small grey rock shapes with outlined in pink that sit to the right hand corner of the image. There are 6 rock shapes overlapping each other

You Have Very Severe Acne

A pale blue background with a grey rock like shape made from clay in the centre of the background. The rock has various lumps and bumps with a light pink outline.

A Very Lumpy Surface

light pink background with grey and pink sketch lines hovering in the centre, underneath the sketch there are shadows of the same sketch lines

Why Didn’t You Say

Bright Pink Background, with light pink light clay sculpture splodge in the middle with nail marks and lumps

Communication Is Key

Blue background with white persons arm reaching out. On top of the arm there is large splodges of pink acne taking up the centre of the screen.

You Could Have Bloody Said Something