Coralie Burke

Instagram: @coralie_burke

Screen grab of black sued mule with large round metal hoop at the front with the designers name, dora teymur, engraved.

Finally found a black pair of heels I like!

A black belt draped against white door. Black belt features metallic hoops running down the length of it. At the top of the belt, near the buckle, is a Stanley tap measure attached. Below that on the first hoop hangs a metal ruler off a s hook. Second hoop hangs a roll of tape off a s hook. The third hoop has an orange carabina with a clear hand sanitiser bottle attached. Forth hoop had a d hook attached with a set of keys and orange rubber band. The last hoop had a small gold bag tied on. The gold bag holds a white pair of headphones dangling out of it.

Tool Belt

Gouache on paper collage. A orange opaque disposable lighter at an angle. Top of the lighter pointing to the top left corner. Lighter painted on a separate piece of mid grey card. Underneath the lighter a horizontal rectangle with swirly marble affect of light and dark red, mid and light purple, yellow and brown on a separate piece of paper. Underneath horizontal rectangle, separate piece of mid brown paper.


Acrylic paint on greyboard. Three round bushes, one larger at the back with two smaller ones in front, painted in varying shades of green, grading from light on top to dark on the bottom. Grey board visible in the background, lower half of the image with a pale blue wall behind the bushes.

Small part of a bigger picture