Valerie O'Regan

Bio: As a multi-disciplined artist I work with a variety of materials,techniques and experimentation .The experience of making and thinking with my hands is an important aspect of my practice.My research involves constructed sculptural drawings, photographs, cyanotype with traditional and contemporary printing methods.Each work represents a specific moment of exploration.


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Monochrome photo of a decaying tulip,white background.


Monochrome  multi layered print of bird and landscape.


Monochrome photograph  detail of rock face .


monochrome collaged,layered abstract images and tones with brush strokes.


4 cyanotype prints in blue pinned to the studio wall.

Print times 4

Monochrome print, collaged landscape,stairway and paper stencils.

On the run

Monochrome photograph of pipe and shadow cross section.

Pipe and Light

Green Leaf.


blue/red coloured print,bird on wire.

Collaboration 2

Mixed media print of bird on a wire,red,blue and yellow.


Digitally manipulated monochrome photo of decaying flowers in a floral jug.

still life

Birds nest,round woven twigs and natural found fibres.


Photograph of studio,blue cyanotype prints on the wall and prints hanging from a line across the studio space.

In situ- studio

Detail of metal and plastic drain cover ,patterned with rust and lichen, photographed and digitally manipulated in blue.

Drain cover detail in blue

colourful cut out and overlapped abstract shapes with pen and ink line drawing ,dots and doodles.

Window dressing

Black and white photograph of water drops on a ceramic tile.

Water drops Cold tile

Abstract collage of cyanotype print,photographic images and cut out shapes on paper.All in blues and greys.

Blues and Greys

Studio photo of my printed photographs in miniature scattered on table with pens and ruler nearby .

Research Studio Day

Recycled sock ,cut into seven pieces and rolled up individually and bound with tape to create ink dabbers for intaglio printmaking techniques.
À la poupée  translates from French “with the doll” using a doll-shaped wad of fabric rolled up and daubed into ink on a single printing plate, one for each colour.

À la poupée

Shadow print of birdhouse feeder and branches on kitchen blind.

Sun Prints on Kitchen Window

Accordion fold artist book with fine liner and coloured pen doodles .

Accordion Doodle -Artist Book