Sean Ferrari

Bio: Artist and explorer of forests. Currently undertaking a deep period of self reflection and reconnection guided by the Atlantic Forest, Brazil šŸŒ“

Instagram: @_seanferrari

an act of rewilding

oil pinting on unframed muslin fabric of reflected foliage and trees installed in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil


screenshot of website

website update

text documenting artworks

Artwork Documentation

strips of piaƧava woven together with the plain weave technique


least resistance

yellow text on dark green background

living adobe

photo of black bin bag and various other thrown away items in forest co-habitat area

cleaning co-habitat

photo of me watering the soil and plants in my co-habitat space within the Atlantic Forest


Image of T-shirt with design of  mirrored fauna and flora of the Atlantic Forest


photo of JataĆ­ bees flying in and out of their home

bee home

release ritual

radar diagram charting placement of energy within four areas: service, home, love and community

energy chart

foraged dried palm tree leaves bundled together with piaƧava suspended in front of a window reflecting the wind hanging and a mountain and sea view.

wind hanging

found wooden sticks tied together with piaƧava and painted with an earth pigment framing a person holding a cat

wooden screen

two foraged palm tree spathes tied together, one facing forward the other facing backward, with piaƧava forming a natural sculpture.


text on coloured background


release control

A kite made from natural materials such as palm tree leaves, twigs and piaƧava.


an earth coloured bowl sculpted from soil

soil bowl