Lucilla Malara

Bio: Architect with passion in photography


Instagram: @Malaraassociati

sew -drink - eat - speak

making work while I was cooking



Special finish of the floor made by resin with special net

I would like to work on material that makes interior design unique !

The meaning of a door



shadow of my chair

Floor with brass insert for a commercial showroom in Milan my interior decoration and my picture (architecture and photography together to increase both commercial point of view )

Old work

soft material nice geometry


Capture emotion and making people feeling something

Thinking only of my art

Details in my work are very important

Detalis in architecture

Reflection of human body in my window

For my window

Wine let you relax and create new ideas

Good wine !

Architecture and light should go together

Working with light and architecture

Geometric and natural shadows

Research on shadows

Architecture in milan -
Sforzesco castle decoration courtyard

Inspiring architecture

I love to transform space into minimal architecture with lighting effect

Create emotional space

Selfportrait day 1 try to be in peace with lots of thoughts