Lucrezia Pollice

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Isolating at the window

Window watching

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Something I’ve been trying to work on for ages now but can never seem to get to


A strong young woman sitting fierce on her footsteps of her house. 
I’m researching and thinking about what poses make women stand out. Does the vagina showing diminish or enhance the strength of the person in this picture? Does it give or take away? I’m overwhelmed by the idea of being a little girl that I just want to go against it but in a way represent the fierceness that lies behind those that get pushed down.

Say what you wish

my judgement always points back at me. I am bad. I am wrong. I am not worthy. it halts me and stops me.


What function 
Is best 
Than one 
That shows you 
The truth 
You didn’t know 
Was right in front of you

Mirror mirror

Maybe death is not so linear.. she's still alive even a year after and I can't seem to let her go.

My Joy