Niamh McGuinness

Bio: Making do in the west of Ireland


Photograph of a drawing of a bale, nose woman in a prone position sitting in an embroidery hoop on a piece of pink firry fabric against a white wall

make chill for now

A GIF of a close up detail of a textile piece vaguely depicting a mid section  of a figure. The piece is very pink and the saturation pulses up and down through out the GIF

Less pink

A screen shot of the submission page of


A GIF of a google search history for the month of april

Open tabs to dos

She goes

GIF of a red pot of red sauce being stired. Then some is flung at a dirty tile wall

Bare minimum today

A screen shot of a text that reads "I would make a little place to put myself to sleep. There would be no dead shrews and the moss would be bright and soft. There would be a window like eyes that followed the moon. I would get some sleep"

I maybe

Gif of the shadow of a figure holding a phone cast over a section of stoney coast line with a bright blue sea. The waves and a shadow of clothing are moving.

Alone again again for now again

Alone again for now

Keep it clean

I love here

Remnants of an unseen degree show

A gif of a 6 legged spider crawling over an orange salt lamp at a relaxed pace

Clean up and relax

technically a mountain, snip

An image that seemed to be of an empty pink room with light coming through slits in the roof and the wall. Actually made of cardboard packaging

beer in post

A fast paced GIF of a white canvas sculpture vaguely resembling a flower bulb being displayed from various angles in a garden. The sculpture is kicked out of shot in the last section.

win some lose this one

A GIF of note book pages containing sketches and notes moving quickly and glitchy

Get them notes down

Black fabric with  curved edge and pins in it on a messy desk with a salt lamp

Cloth pins and energy

GIF of stip motion letters made of black and white cat hair moving to spell the word joy on a purple wooden background. Video of a tabby cat jumping in to play with a red and yellow toy. Repeat of the joy letters. Video of another tabby cat jumping towards the camera while another black and white cat watches.

Hairy ball joy

Vessel no.3 in its third incarnation