Georgie Fay

Bio: Georgie Fay is an artist based in London, UK. Her practice is primarily print based and often inspired by landscape, environment and history.


Instagram: @georgiefayart

Etching print with added black drawing ink of a woods with three circles (moons) and birds.

In Her Silver shoon (made the other day eek!)

Photograph of series of recent prints strewn out over a bed and with a laptop and spreadsheet- documenting and measuring the latest prints.

Measuring the Sunshine

Poem ‘Silver’ by Walter de la Mare written out in sharpie with words circles that are significant in my practice, which will link to different images of my work (a rough sketch of the plan)

Documenting through Poems

Photograph of open sketchbook and mug of tea. In the sketchbook is an ink painting of a landscape with a wardrobe on top of the mountain.

Drawing dreams while making tea

Ink drawing of a large pewter jug, black and white with shades of grey - using water to vary the ink tones.

Easy Option

What I would make

Transforming our collaborative poem into a visual image

Yew tree poem with ink

Collaborative poem - still ongoing...

2500 years old

If in doubt add some birds

Catching the Lift

Making a nest

A quiet place

Using light and the notion of peering in the window to make art more accessible.

In the window

To add colour or not, that was the question!

Go in the direction your head is pointed in

For the Window

Guilty pleasure of photographing objects in the sunlight and drinking Prosecco of course


Stones and Glasshouses

Research for a series of etchings I am working on about humans and their relationship with place and landscape

Neolithic Thinking

Collecting materials on my daily walk to then make natural brushes and experiment with ink and mark making.

Natural Brushes

My favourite circle

Unwrap this ancient map to follow the traces of your own memories

Memory Map