Lydia Brockless

In a woodland I’m crouching underneath a tree holding onto one of the roots - I’m on a small bit of scree where the earth has fallen away to next to the path, to leave the tree hanging over the edge. I’m a white woman in her late twenties with brown hair. I’m wearing blue trousers, brown leather hiking boots, a grey tshirt under an orange zip up fleece. I’m holding the tree root with my right hand, my arm straight up above my head. My other hand is curled over my mouth and I’m looking up with a scared expression towards the top right of the image.

Not sure what it is but it’s scary

My hand (white skinned, female) holds between thumb and forefinger, a palm-sized piece of sea-worn slate which has a flat oval-shaped hole in the middle. In the mid ground are mussel-covered rocks sloping down from the left into the centre where there is sand. In the blurred background is the sea, with some more black rocks peeking in on the horizon on the middle-right of the image. The sky in the top half of the photo is bright and blue with some thin greyish cloud.

Stone with a hole

A close-up picture of some very green and chunky wild garlic pesto - some whole pine nuts are visible in the foreground

Chunky wild garlic pesto

Cement Mixer

A photo of a Neolithic standing stone has been coloured over using the ’highlighter’ on iPhone markup. The stone in the middle is an irregular pentagon of grey stone. The sky in the top half of the picture has been roughly coloured over with a salmon pink colour. The grass in the bottom half has been coloured over in purple.

Hurlers Recoloured

There is an earthen wall with a section of sandy-coloured, unevenly sized bricks protruding in the centre. There is a bare tree branch stretching across the top of the photo, and between the top of the wall and this branch is a hazy view of a valley with farmland and buildings. The sky is blue with some fluffy white clouds

Ha-ha Wall (after MLT)

The background is a shiny, brushed steel surface with a map engraved on it. Over the top has been hand-written in lower-case lettering, using the brush on the iPhone ‘markup’ feature, the words ‘made ground’. The writing is a dark teal colour.

Made ground

Visit Cretaceous!

In black ink on white paper is written ‘DEEP THAMS’ in a thick and chunky but slightly rounded handwritten font.
There are pencil lines running horizontally across the top and bottom of each word, drawn with a ruler to act as a guide for drawing the letterforms the same height.


The words VISIT CRETACEOUS are spelled out in blocky capitals on a white background, VISIT is directly centred above CRETACEOUS. The surface of the letters is abstract, dark and mottled, in blues, purples and greens.

visit cretaceous

On a white background, in black typewriter-style lettering, text reads:
dramatis personae
White and creamy in colour, soft and powdery but made of death.
Useful, but often mistaken for mud in the wild. Difficult to pin down.
Nobody knows how it was made but we’re all glad it exists, because tools.
Elusive, often mixed up with other things. Requires some treatment.
Essential to life, in the right quantities. Toxic if over consumed.
So good they named a paint colour after it.

dramatis personae

Black text on a white background, in a font that looks sort of handwritten and is mostly in caps, reads: 

scored soft rocks
soft drifting sediment, tiny bodies
a white sludgy grave
softness and hardness
elevation, wetness!! 
you're beautiful; i should know.
allowing time to be the guide, a new mythology: defying presence and inventing a new way to be... soft.

"hard rock geologists are all bastards"

a picture of a bluey-grey muddy puddle with some bits of litter, which has been cropped with an irregular line along its edges. the words 'flatness & wetness' have been written in white script-style handwriting over the top.

flatness & wetness

Day 4

White handwriting in black background reads ‘it might be easier another time’

It might be easier another time

Chalk & Clay

there's a solid buff-coloured fill covering most of the image, apart from a section at the top where you can see an overexposed bit of white sky and the tips of some trees. There is text written into the fill reading 'scraped soft rocks', in the letters is revealed parts of the rest of the photo which appears to be reeds, some dark water and trees against a cliff

scraped soft rocks