Daisy Jones

Website: https://www.daisy-jones.co.uk/

Instagram: @daisyj_art


I can't remember why I did this

screenshot image of a text piece titled "and so it begins, again" with a cloudy sky backdrop image

cheer up love

photo of my room taken using an instagram filter that layers the same image over itself

this is definitely not a photo of my room taken using an instagram filter

close up of someone with very cool nails rolling a zoot.

portrait of a lazy woman

screenshot of my desktop with a powerpoint page open on it with the text "Is there an other way?" written in nostalgic purple word art.

ppt till i die

Text piece made on Photoshop that reads "He had stumbled into beauty. It actually hurt a lot more than he had expected it to. I thought it was meant to be quite a meditative process or sort of transcendental, something that evokes deep serenity. But he felt more like he had just knocked his head on a wall. Is this what the road to enlightenment really felt like? Because if the answer is yes he might as well just quit while he’s ahead. I mean how many people can truly say they had found peace and decided it wasn’t for them? That’s gotta make you special in your own way, right?..."

Whenever I'm reading a lot of Zadie Smith I start to narrate my own thought tangents as if I am her

GIF of a man covered in green paint running at a blank canvas to make art

The other side


4 images tiled together taken on photoshop of myself posing in front of an old work of mine

one note?

4 images taken on Photo Booth of me dancing along to Solange's Don't Touch My Hair music video with it playing in the background

i did a collab with Solange she just doesn't know it yet

Photograph of myself taken on Photo Booth that has been photoshopped to look like an E-com item for sale on a teleshopping channel. The ad states that she is "the perfect addition to any hip club. Our promise to you: she will speak only when spoken to & she will let you play with her hair for as long as you wish."

nont for sale

work work work

photograph of my bedroom window with a photo from my project Call Me Kelly blue tacked to it.

turns out blue tack is a nightmare to get off glossy paper

text work with the phrase "be less literal" on repeat, with a black gradient background

i failed



The title page for a script that hasn't been written, titled "this script does not exist".

the limit does not exist!

5 pages from different books, collaged together in strips

For Future Reference

Black and white 2 Page spread with an illustration of a lightbulb and a lightbulb joke question on the first page and the answer to the joke on the second page.

That Lightbulb Moment

Screen grabbed text piece made using Text Edit using green text and a green background

Green Goddess

Reimagining my work Call Me Kelly being used to clean my dirty mirrors

Call me an old newspaper