Carole Villain

Bio: Based in Brighton, UK. Taking an experimental and empathic approach, my practice explores the intertwining of bodies and soils. It takes the form of paintings, sculptural works on paper and ephemeral installations, using natural pigments, plaster, paper, fabric, resins and biopastic. By applying processes, materials and gestures, I investigate the notion of artwork as ecosystem.


Instagram: @carolevillain

Swans display


Bioplastic experiments


Window of agar agar, rice paper and pigment


I finished this painting today.

I wanted to feel safe

Finally choosing to put a layer of liquid latex at the back of these works...


My piece for today is a picture of my research with paper and agar agar bioplastic. I have been experimenting with agar as protective layer on paper. This time, Instead of adding a thin layer of it, I decided to push it further by building a frame, like for plaster, and I poured agar agar like resin. This is the result after removing from the mould. 
I like pushing materials in ways they haven’t been used before. I like the uncertainty of the process and of the material itself. I am aware that agar is biodegradable and will disappear.

Deeply Ephemeral

I often make my own painting tools from fabric and string. I like using them for my works on paper where paper and paint seem to disappear before being shaped again. The tool, instead of being an inert, passive object under the control of my hand, is active. It is fully part of the history of the work, fully part of the ecosystem formed by the work. 
The light cotton fabric absorbs clay and pigment and becomes a wet thing running on the paper. I cannot have full control of it. 
Then, when the paint is dry,  the tool becomes again something else. A new thing.

Soft tools

Image from a video made today and available on Instagram @carolevillain
I made a new structure in copper for a work on paper. When I work, images often arise and influence the process. I decided to include these images in a video. Images of soils that inspire me, from the sand on the beach this morning appear in the video of the making if the work.

Traces in the sand

Small installation of a work on paper about  10x10 cm placed in a copper handmade frame structure and a broken shell with fabric. At the back, the copper sheet has been pushed in places, to make a drawing of plant.
The work on paper is made on rice paper, with pigments and agar agar.