Eve Marguerite

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10 minute stories (extract)

A screenshot of text. The text reads: 'Dip under the surface. Water filters the light in the strangest ways. Pay attention. Sounds change under water. Yelling and splashing above the surface comes through in a warped arc to your ears. Your clumsy body feels like a smooth fish underwater.'

Heather Havrilesky (swimming)

Notes for a proposal

10 minute stories

10 minute stories

A list of things I did today instead of making work

Dark pools (notes)

Rushing, swimming

Working, drinking


Video still of a stone sculpture of a head shown in profile. The image is very dark. The head has a Grecian-style helmet on and is looking upwards. In the background of the dark room another sculpture in the top left can be seen. It is on a figure sitting with arm resting on knee and head resting on arm.

Own the Stone (video still)

Things fall apart

The image is a video still. It shows a reclining statue of a man with a chiseled, nude torso in a dark room. The statue is shining in candlelight, it looks almost oiled and two artificial candles can be seen some space away from the statue. In the background, a bust and legs of other statues can be seen in the dark room.

Own the Stone (video still)

Audience of two

You can’t buy taste

Blue biro sketch on white paper of rough stylised drawings of swimming pools from above. There are 3 rectangular pools and a spikey particle-like object. The water is drawn as curved shapes and in each rectangle is surrounded by plant leaves.

Dark pools (sketch)

A screenshot of a computer desktop. Several open images are spread across the screen. They are photographs of swimming pools, several with close ups of swimmers arms or flippers splashing out of the water. In the bottom left corner and middle there are images of a star shaped light shade made of paper. The computer is a Mac and programme icons run across the bottom of the screen.

Dark pools (research)

A sketch in blue pen on white paper of a swimming pool, and the patio at the side, surrounded by leafy plants. The water is shown in lightly shaded small jagged shapes, with two handrails going into it. At the side of the pool is a small float. There is a shadow cast across the side from the top right-hand corner, in the rough shape of a person. Dark stylised shapes of leaves frame the pool.

Dark pools (sketch)

People in the city: work just a little bit

People in the city: shark head