Susan Hooper

Hand drawn map of a circular walk I took today in my local park, showing paths (grey), roads (black), bridle paths (green),  ditches (blue) and rows of trees (zigzag lines.

My first map of a circular walk I took today.

Four small paper bowls, three created with papier-mâché with wire or red thread; one created by wrapping paper around a wire shape. Paper used dyed with Rose wasp gall ink.

Paper vessels

Three papier-mâché bowls drying. Two using paper dyed with rose gall inks, one dyed with oak gall ink. The oak gall bowl and one rose gall bowl with embedded black wires, the other one with embedded red wires.

More papier-mâché bowls

Papier mache bowl with fine Japanese paper, wire strands and catkin-dyed abacus paper, glued and left to dry.

A new idea developing

A new page from my sketch book where I use words, images and numbers to explore the male and female catkins of the goats willow seen in my local park.

I notice... I wonder... I think about...

Pencil sketches and small wire sculptures based on photos of local wet woods.


Set of watercolour studies from yesterday used to create a number of ink, pencil and watercolour studies today. Red blue and yellow colours used to make greens and oranges over black ink

Spring in the park.

A text based work in black and what that reads "I would make a work astonishing and surprising"

What I would make

Ink, felt tip, pen, brush, and watercolour studies revisiting yesterday's work

Studies revisited

Series of abstract colour studies and mark making exploring verticals, triangles and feather shapes with brush and pencil; in red, blue and yellow water colours with pencil and black ink

Repetitive marks and colour

Crested grebe wire sculpture on a wooden block photographed against a white background

Crested Grebe wire sculpture

A series of thumbnail sketches and larger quick sketches exploring my local park, using various black paint, ink and drawing materials as part of a process of mapping my response to the park over this year.

Studies based on my local park

A study of a leaf in black on white paper using twigs, a teasel, fine outline pens and elements of collage

Study in Mark making

9 black and white images of a vase with figures dancing around it; figures cut out, layered and raised from the vase structures exploring the positive and negative shapes formed by the raised and layered figures

Negative and positive space

A small abstract wire and paper sculpture loosely based on petal shapes


Seven pages created by using twigs and teasels and black ink, exploring mark making

Mark making

Collage of sunflowers,saris,trains at sunset, a section of white paper with a random black pattern, and a cut out map.


Screenshot of three recordings made today and last week in Voice memo as part of my response to Gunpowder Park throughout this year

Recordings made during walks that will become part of a body of work exploring a set place over the

Peg holding a bit of wood with a shaped metal printing tool; paper cover wires held together with white paper; fine metal wire attached to one end of a wooden stick; and green plastic leaves cut into fronds, glued at one end of a stick in a bunch

Tools for mark making with paint and ink (3); printing (1)

A series of Japanese paper vessels dyed with oak gall ink and formed into bowls that contain seed heads gathered on my winter walks

Vessels containing my winter walks

Marks reflecting space sound and feel of a known location, made on a walk, scanned in and a section enlarged and printed out. Parts cut out and other section painted gold. The whole mounted on black paper

Mapping a walk in early Spring