A small but tall raw clay pot with Leech patterns randomly decorating the exterior. The form that creates the shape in the patter is the same

Leech Pot II

Image split into eggshell wall at the top and a lack scuffed shelf surface on the bottom.

Invisible Pot

A small plainly shaped raw clay pot. It is decorated with blue underglaze line drawing of a cat on white underglaze background.


An angled overhead view of the dog vase I am making on a small portable work station in my living area. The area is surrounded by various tools and materials. The vase is yellow; the dog's drawn in blue.

Dog Vase

Three raw clay pots stacked to create a figure. Largest plain pot is upside down for skirt. Small patterned pot is upside down for upper body. Last small patterned pot right way round for head.


Small pinched raw clay pot with leach pattern on the exterior

Leach Pot

I would make 20 plus small ceramic bowls, each one with different textures on them


Raw clay cup with vertical carved lines and various sized dots around the bottom, set against a beige background.


Large tropical leaves in various colour and shapes on a white background.  4 tropical humming birds around the image. Green is the predominant colour.


A raw clay vessel in grey scale with more buds piled on top of each other around the rim and set against a plain background.

More Buds

A vessel in grey scale. Small wide clay pot with buds around the rim.


Basket shaped object with vertical sunken ovals  around the outside. On the left side is a single more spherical shape and a smaller convex spherical form producing from the centre of it. The form leans as if to show us the smooth base.


A small deep bowl with a lumpy texture on its surface. Unfired clay.


View from window in pencil showing side of brick house and a finch.


A large dog/frog with patterns all over it including hearts under his bottom lip. Eggs under his jaw and stars running up his leg. No background.

Dog Frog

Parrot in a tree


Lines and drops around the mostly pink perimeter and 2 - 4 inches into the digital work.  A black Dalmatian style dotted white mass surrounds a cluster of dotted forms coloured blue, black, pink and yellow.

Drops and Lines

In the foreground a cloud like shape with black dots on it. An organic pyramid shape behind and slightly to the right covered in slightly darker 's' marks. Then behind that slightly to the left is a ladder shape with lighter dots all over it. Then behind that slightly to the right is a big tall bolder with white scratched marks all over it. Then behind every thing is a large pink shape lying horizontal covered with white dots


A 2 pronged cactus organic object in the foreground. To the right is a formless figure with wings 2 holes for eyes and a prominent nose. And a lumpy bolder behind them both. The image is grey scale.


A form less figure with two holes for eyes and a nose. A large bolder shape is behind them and  a smaller popcorn form is beside them. The image is grey scale

One Man and His EAR