Fizz Benn

Bio: Artist and photographer


Instagram: @fizzbenn

Black and white image focusing on the angle of the lines, lens, and textures.

Time 21

Black and white photograph thin black lines from right top to centre left.  Large black block from top left corner to middle right.  Shadows create an abstract form.


Black and white photograph of shadows looking at line shape and form. Shadows consists of diagonal lines on the right to left.

Time 19 - To be free

Black and white photograph of shadows created by Spring sunshine on a morning walk. The shadows create perspective lines narrowing at the top of the photo.

Time 18

Black and white shadows cross hatching with blocks of rectangular stairs.

Time 17

Black and white photos of filtering light creating a diagonal pattern across brickwork

Sunlight 16

Black and white photograph playing with lines, rectangles and shadows.

Space 15

Black and white photograph of shadows in the early morning low light of winter. Stretched out photographers shadow.

Time In a Bottle

Black and white digital collage.  Image divided in half with 3 tonal central stripes.   On right diagonal pattern of black with white lines.  On left pattern effect of blocks of triangles  and white lines.

Remake Yesterdays Work Time 13

Black and white digital collage, mixing of lines, black and white photographs

Time 12

Black and white digital collage experimenting with lines

Time 11

Black and white photograph of cut out paper syringes, playing with the positive and negative pieces of card.

Home at Home

Black and white tonal photograph of shadows of 15 lines slightly on the diagonal.  Two lines darker and different sizes from the rest.

Time 9

Black and white digital collage. Image divided into 3 vertical tonal blocks, 4 vertical dark grey lines and zigzag pattern along outer edges.

Time 8x4

Black and white digital collage using tone shape line and form. Landscape image divided into 3 blocks, central block white.  4 vertical lines of 2 different shades.  Diagonal lines on the outside blocks.

Double time 7

Black and white photograph looking at patterns of shapes and lines. Five  Horizontal blocks of  various shades at the bottom of the image.  Diagonal dark shade from right to left meeting the first block at the bottom of the page.

Time 6

Black and white photograph of balack diagonal lines from top left to mid centre.  Black of black beneath the lines.  Left bottom corner a triangle of light.

Time 5

Black and white photograph.  Blocks of dark grey, diagonally from the top righthand corner slope toward the bottom lefthand corner.  Together with thin lines and circular shadows draw the eye around the image.

Time 4

Black and white digital collage.  The photographs use line and form to define the shapes seen on our streets. The composition plays with the shadows on our streets.

Time 3

Black and white photograph creating blocks of pattern.

Time 2

black and white photograph.  Crosshatching pattern in black on a grey background