Emma Zentner

A photograph of an up-lit orange traffic cone in the place of an up-lit bollard in the road at night

Always Photographs, Millions Of Photographs

A photograph of a white and green sign on a pavement with writing on it that says 
‘Back & body pain
Sexual problems 
Stress & sleeping
Skin & Hair problems’


A photograph of the walkway between Hackney Central & Hackney Downs overground station, mostly in shadow but with morning light coming through the windows and making a pattern of light down the path of the walkway.

Any Path Will Do

A photograph of a road with coloured markings on it. There is a white certified stripe in the middle, and the left hand side is dark grey / black, and the right hand side is bright green.

I Like Pictures More Than Words

A photograph of my bedroom mostly in darkness, but with a window shaped rectangle of warm glowing light

Morning Light

The sun shining on the end of a white building, with a big shadow of a tree on it. There’s a blue sky with white cloud behind the building.

Me & The Sun

A close up photograph of a green leaf, the sunlight is hitting it so some parts are in light and some parts are in shadow.

Leaf Photograph For Sale

A photograph of a very beautiful Siamese cat sitting in a box, which is balanced on top of another box

Queen Of Her Castle

A photograph of a leafless tree from the ground, looking up, with a clear blue sky as a background. The tree has lots of zig-zag branches and reminds me of a Tim Burton film.

Tim Burton Tree, Only Accessible To Squirrels

A photograph of lots of ends of a herb called Shado Beni (used heavily in Trinidadian cooking) - the ends are cut short and slotted into plastic with water with a hope to succeed in propagating them into plants

Advice On How To Propagate Shado Beni

A photograph of Celeste & Pete from outside, through a full length window into the kitchen. Celeste is showing Pete a recipe in a cook book.

Celeste & Pete

A photograph of a gin and tonic with ice and a slice of lemon, close up, with two thin straws - one green and one blue. There are lots of tiny bubbles around the straws, the lemon & the ice.

Them Botanicals

A photo of two very cute Siamese kittens inside a big bag made out of an old Royal Mail bag, on a red seat

Distraction Ultra

A photograph or a tiny very squiggly twig which is curling in lots of different places, it looks very wiggly.

Researching Wiggles

A photograph of a colourful salad with sesame seeds sprinkled on top


A photograph of some flame coloured tulips on a bathroom shelf, next to a mirror which is foggy from condensation. The tulips are reflected in the mirror but are blurry.

Taking Pictures Of Flowers

A photograph of a white wall with a window in it with a white frame around it. In the window there are two shelves full of Italian food produce, some items are on their sides.

Snack Window