Christian Wright

Instagram: @worrrrry

A digital painting of a man with a large, angular head. He looks down at the viewer distastefully. He wears a business suit and an pastel orange tie

Mr. Dorito

A digital painting of the words “You Defeated” on a dark muddy square background of greens, reds, and blues.

You Defeated

A digital painting of a scene from the video game Control. A dead man is hanging off a small ledge, his face contorted and mouth agape. The painting is done in crimson monotone and at an extreme closeup.

Dead Man - Control


A top down picture of a pineapple upside down cake. 5 whole pineapple rings and 4 half pineapple rings pattern the glossy caramel top of the cake.

Remade Pineapple Upside-down Cake

A top down view of a pineapple upside down cake. 5 caramelised pineapple rings atop a vanilla sponge cake, basked in sunlight upon a kitchen countertop

Pineapple Upside-down Cake

A photo of a man walking down a quiet city street. He confidently walks away from the photographer wearing a brown coat with “TALENT MAN” printed on the back in bold white font.

Talent Man

A digital green monotone sketch of a non player character from the video game Control. A Man stands facing away slightly to the side, he wears a safety hard helmet, ear protection, and large, boxed , metallic eye goggles. His style is a blend of contemporary and 1980’s.

Maintenance Sector Engineer - Control

A digital painting still life using the video game Control as reference. 3 guards are suspended in mid-air at different heights, descending from left to right. They face away from the viewer and are silhouetted harshly against a pale, sickly green wall. smoke and dust circle around the ceiling and floor and a thin orange beam of light. Faint details of guns, army ration packs and helmets can be made out.

Three Suspended Guards - Control

A small hand tufted rug 15cm in diameter. An abstract face of a bright orange cat bears it’s yellow fangs in a wide cheshire grin, positioned on a background of high tuft black wool. Loosely based on the poster design from the Japanese cult horror movie “House”. A 1inch trim of monks cloth surrounds the design which is sitting on a wooden table.

“House” 15cm Tufted Rug

A digital painting of a non-player character from the video game Control. She gently floats in a dark empty space with an absent gaze. Donned in contemporary office-wear and bathed in a deep red light.

Drifting Woman - Control

A digital still life drawing in red ink created using the video game Control. An extreme closeup of a middle aged man’s face, drawn in dark crimson, his lifeless gaze meets the viewers but is absent, his jaw hangs, detached from his face as the left side of his face slumps.

Torn Jaw - Control

A digital painting of a low-poly video game character stands in-front of a bank of water, tiles and textures and crude and obvious. The character faces towards the viewer, donned in rich green dragon hide leggings and chestpiece, crowned with a large horned viking helmet and a bright orange square shield.

Ardougne Coast - Oldschool Runescape

A digital painting sketch of a screaming, computer generated, wide eyed, orange faced man, backed by a grid of deep blur and red. A rough sketch to be turned into a rug at a later date.

Lawnmower Man Rug Design

A digital painting of the hunter’s hub from the video game Monster Hunter Rise. cherry blossom’s fall from a grand tree off frame a the cold light from the outside beams in, contrasting with the warm, nature-filled atmosphere inside. Dango and green tea are being prepared by small, anthropomorphic cats while red lanterns are suspended from above.

Hunter’s Hub - Monster Hunter: Rise

A digital still life painting of a local giant daikon seller from the game Monster Hunter Rise, she tends to her produce and stall on a hot spring day under the shade of giant parasols.

Giant Daikon Seller - Monster Hunter: Rise