Heidi Smith

The rock on the earth have a pattern like the milky way in the sky.

Luminescence from the rock

A dark space with a handle at the bottom of the image, with light shining from below, in a dotted texture. An round object that would be a light on the top right corner.

Where the Light enters you

A pair of cat's front paws stretch on a bed.

A Cat Nap

A building appears behind a string curtain.

Wishing on eyelashes

Like looking into a dark space, there's a metal tube and a cable at the bottom of the image.

Through the Belt of Orion

Close up of a stripe of sunlight landed on top of a cat's back.

Like a river running across the city

Rainbow colour light spot on a creased fabric.

Interior landscape

From cafe window, reflection
Dog sleep with mows 
A woman I don't know but I feel like I knew very well by getting her email.
My mother’s experience from crossing the river.
I moved 20 times in south London. 
The 80s when I was growing up.
The coding of the image with unity. I've always wanted to learn about coding P5. 
I want to find out more about cybersecurity. 
I am also interested in the brain and perception.
I want to know about the urban myth. How much is affecting the real?

From cafe window, reflection

A ball of yarn is sitting on top of a cushion, in black and white with a tint of cyan.


An evening outside a residential street, with an eye looking down in the sky.

The sky

A bright window in a dark forest, with an abstract pattern at the bottom, some kind of paws.

The sea

A double-tap shower spray hose coiled up like a snake, lying on top of a pillow.


Multiple round objects lying on the desk.

Presence of mind

Three images in a row, the first shows a tree with a sky with cloud, the tree without leaves appears like a silhouette; the second shows out of a window with the shape of house, tree and cloud; the last image shows a night time, a tree in the middle of an empty residential street.


In a night view, there are trees silhouette at the bottom while a crescent moon is hanging above, the dark green-blue overall shows a scene of peace.

Peep II

A close up of the right-hand side of a tabby cat's face.

More please

In the middle of the darkness, there's a window with the light on.


A woman, dressed in a hospital gown, sit up facing the camera with her hand reaches out, she looks peaceful and trying to get something.


A photo of a ball of yarn rest on top of a texture cushion in Solarization.

Dyed in the wool

A black and white image of a spatula scoop up strings of spaghetti in Solarization effect.

Suspend animation

The photo contains a grid of four images: top left, dirty window looking out to the fence; top right, a set of cat paws pointing to the top of the image, lying on a bedsheet; bottom left, a corner of a room with faded sunlight, a lamp on the left corner of the room while there is a screenprint below, a lightbulb is hanging on the screen; bottom right, exactly same set up as bottom left, but with bright sunlight and a hard shadow on the wall.

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