Jo Haigh

A tiny pair of white pants with a 4 1/2 star rating safety pinned to them.

Clean Underwear

Mini upset face (made from Super Sculpey Living Doll & painted with acrylic)  on a velvet & used colour catcher background with tiny red star sequins & a cut up banana sticker. Wall hung in a  box frame 11.5 x 12.5 x 2.5 cm.

Taking Unsolicited Advice

Wrong side of a piece of Cross-stitch 19cm x 16cm ....that's a lot of stitching in one day!  (I hear you say)....what can I tell ya? I'm like a machine!  ;-)

The Wrong Side of the Truth

A big pile of  paperwork/admin

Tomorrows Papier Mâché

Computer files, list on the side of a box , plastic sleeves in a ring binder, sketchbook,  alphabetical index cards

Ways to Document my Work

Applique  of an animal face made from found objects , done in exactly 22 mins  ....despite what the cooking instructions say the sausages actually took longer.....if only I'd known! ;-)

Waiting for Meat-Free Sausages to Cook

Photo of the path our cat has made on the lawn

The Path of Least Resistance

A brief description of things I might have made today.

Day 14

A figure holding a torch.  Made from : wooden skewers, lolly stick,  foam ,felt, tights, washers , Sugru,  an interdental brush, hair (cat & human), ribbon, bead, stickers, wire & a reel painted black

The Torch Carrier

Picture made from sticky shapes & cat hair

Wearing a Hair Shirt & Carrying a Torch

Collage of some of my 3D work in a painting

#UnseenPieces In The Style of.....

Stone effect box with windows, clay arms reaching out holding a Monopoly house

Home From Home

A mind map depiction of considerations in my head for display & access of small 3D work.

The Thorny Issue Mind Map

Doll made from a first aid dressing stuffed with thread, fabric & wool cut offs & hair....hooked through in places.


A sun catcher made from cocktail monkeys melted into the centre of rusty washers, all strung together with rusty monkey remained whole & swinging

Monkey Shines

An amalgamation of off cuts of two  completed paint-by numbers images


A micro knit doll wearing a  micro knitted cap with six similar caps of diminishing size all fixed to a lolly stick

If The Cap Fits Wear It

I checked the difference between a naked rat & a hairless rat, how to play Patchwork Express & brushed up on cross stitch technique..... I also researched Merlot! ...

Naked Rat

Today I made myself a custom chatelaine, with all those crucial tiny tools that I spend so much time looking for!  Needle threader, leather covered pins & needles holder with my initials, mini file, mini smoother, pointy stick, mini screwdriver, tiny paintbrush.

Creatives Chatelaine

Smiling Face made from stuff picked up off the street ...bit of a bike light, toy wheel, lego, piece of metal, piece of plastic

The Joy of Street Finds

Political Pin cushion made using foil , apoxie sculpt, acrylic paint, thread......with no time for finesse!

Boris as a Pin Cushion