Nick Kaplony

An abstract black and white composition. Glossy black bars run down either side of a white page. There is an amorphous soft shape made of layers of a fabric-like texture slightly left of center. The folds of the shape are overlayed on and partially cover black and white photographs of an interior, with hints of floorboards and door frames. The entire shape is cut through by thin white lines that form a rough triangle.


A charcoal bust portrait of a man with a shaved head faces the viewer. The right side of his face is in shadow. He exhales a cloud of smoke that blurs his features.

Candle III

A photographic portrait. A man with a shaved head sits in front of a bare white wall. He has tattoos underneath his clavicles of yellow skulls set in roses. A bar of sunlight sits above his right shoulder. He is exhaling vapour that masks his features.


An abstracted black and white charcoal drawing of crumpled sheets, shaped roughly like a cloud. Some areas are tonally gradiated while others remain simple and linear

Interrupted Sleep

A charcoal portrait of a male bust. The subject has a shaved head. He is exhaling a cloud of smoke that obscures most of his features.

Candle II

A shoulders-up charcoal portrait of a male torso. The figure's shaved head is turned slightly to the right. Its mouth is slightly open and it seems to be exhaling something that covers the left half of its face.


A black and white composite image. A symmetrical pattern like a Rorschach print is made from layered charcoal drawings of crumpled sheets and materials. Sunken in the middle of a chaotic tangle of marks and the overlapping fabric is a bald dark face whose eyes are covered by swathes of fabric.

Grand Dreamer

A symmetrical composite black and white image. The image is made of charcoal drawings of crumpled fabric. The textures and shapes overlap to suggest recognisable shapes, like in a Rorschach (inkblot) test. The overall suggestion is of a bull-like head with several sets of curling horns.

Occult Dreamer

A black and white charcoal drawing of a crumpled, folded semi-abstract shape leans and floats towards the top right of the page.

Night-time Archipelago II

A symmetrical black and white composite image consisting of overlapping sections of fabric. The overall impression is that of an exotic leaf-shaped insect.

Canopic Bedbug

A dark symmetrical charcoal rendering of a bald head sits in the center of the image. It has a veil-like eyemask that connects to a sweeping headdress made of what looks like rouched fabric, leaf like and other organic shapes.

Dreamer 1

A black and white rorschach print fills the page. Its surface is comprised of many chaotic overlapping layers of organic textures reminiscent of crumpled sheets.

Front room

A black and white charcoal portrait of shaved male head fills the frame. The face is covered by a crumpled shape, like paper or a sheet. It is translucent in places and the folds suggest possible features of the face below.

Sonambulism 1

Semi-abstract charcoal drawing of a curled duvet


A semi-abstract black and white charcoal drawing of crumpled sheets

Night-time Archipelago 1

A computer-generated portrait of a bald man in his mid-fourties with a shaved head, greying facial hair in simple leather jerkin stands in front of a snowy backdrop.

Self portrait in Skyrim

The face of a sculpture of a religious icon, a female saint fills the frame.  A nebuliser mask drawn onto tracing paper is collaged over the image.


A piece of crumpled and folded cream muslin sits on brown floorboards.


An ambiguous-looking charcoal drawing of a tousled duvet at a downward slant from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the page.

03/04/2021 - 7.14am


A large symmetrical abstract shape, like a Rorschach (Ink-blot) test, sits in the center of the image. The image is black and white monochrome. The surface and textures of the shape are like gathered cloth in some places and look organic in others.

Restless Sleeper I