Angus Frost




A close up photograph of a pale green shower curtain with white plastic loops, around a dirty silver shower rail hung by a ball bearing chain.

Softly, softly

A digital painting, a white square shaped building with small stepped ramparts at the top, sits above terracotta roof tiles, framed within a large arch

Not finished but not mad about it

An open man / person hole in a concrete surface. In the hole  the top three rungs of a rusty iron rebar imbedded into the concrete forming a ladder are visible.

Here we go again

A close up photo of compacted cardboard, in a bale. Fragile packing tape is twisted through the compacted layers of cardboard


A yellow line drawing on blue background of a person laying down on a bench with their legs spread


A photograph of a still life, dead nature. A dining room table filled with different objects, on the left hand side of the table is a pink leather collar strapped at the front with a silver heart shaped loop. Behind this on a black and white tile are different assorted objects surrounding a green vase containing a spider plant, A cast of teeth, a. Metal fly, a glass box with silver lid, a small plastic penguin. On the right hand side of the frame is a ornate bronze coloured ashtray.

Dead nature

A Colour image of an uneven and pitted surface, on the left hand side of the image a red and blue light illuminates the textured and uneven surface. The shadow of wires and a square are visible in the bottom left hand corner. On the right side of the image corrugated tube or cable run from the top to the bottom of the image. The light illuminating the right hand side of the image is a purple hue. In the center of the image where both these light sources meet they fall into darkness.

The moon under the kitchen sink

A line drawing of a persons legs and socks, the socks are painted with a yellow white tone whilst the legs are left unpainted. The position of the legs is such that one leg can be seen and the other is hidden. They are sitting on something resting their feet

Oxi action



A colour photograph of three neon signs, all facing different directions on top of a building.


A black and white photograph, a small entranceway can be seen in a dark run down cavernous room, rubble lays before and partially obstructs the entranceway, sunlight from an unseen hole above illuminates the rubble (suggesting that the photograph was taken underground) the sunlight  illuminates the tiles that line two thirds of the wall around the entranceway. The right hand side of the photograph is almost entirely black, but not quite. Stains from weathering can be partially seen running down the walls.

Fuck Bunker