Olivia du Vergier

Bio: MA Artists' Film & Moving Image, Goldsmiths

Website: http://olivia-duvergier.com

Instagram: @oliviaduvergier

screenshot of a webpage "memory of the world"


An image of a foot and silhouette


Double page spread of sketch book with an abstract shape in blue pastel on each page


An image of two maps overlying each other


A screenshot of note


A black and white image of an apartment building

I develop and print

A drawing of a figure holding a walking stick


An image of a wall with a shelf and records lining it. There is a silhouette of a figure on the wall.


four images numbered 1-4: the first shows a human figure reading a book, the second is a close-up of the book from the reader's perspective, the third shows the person ripping a page out of the book, and the fourth shows the person, having made a paper boat out of the page, placing the boat in the river.

for oliver

A black and white portrait of a woman


A blank background with text on it.


An image of a silhouette of a body, with both arms raised up and behind the head, hands together in prayer position

i'm moving the scores i write

An abstract shape of one continuous line in red.

'keep making'

a double-page spread of a notebook, on which pastel red blue and grey lines show a river going diagonally across the page. the words "my veins are currents / my blood runs" in red pastel.

my veins are currents

when I dream I dream of saltwater


A close up image of a hand grasping a notebook.

Drawing in the sun

A white page with two poems.

Water poems

Silhouette 5

A4 sized white paper with the words "take me back to saltwater country" written in large blue pastel.

line from water work