Lucy Brennan Shiel

Bio: I am a multi media artist most recently focusing on Virtual Reality. I think through drawing and my intention is to explore drawings with the text of James Joyce's Ulysses. This has been my main project focus since 2017 and I am working towards the centenary of the publication in 2022. I wanted to explore the text through drawing interactions, occurrences or events to develop drawing and mark making language.


Instagram: @lucybrennanshielart

Muted image of Pier structure with hut shapes at the top in a row near the skyline and underneath the metal structure of the pier muted under images of trees which also cross over the sea water underneath the pier and merge in with the roots in watery ground.

Hastings Pier - antient light

a still image made up of dots and commas which is a landscape image with a line of rooftops at the top and underneath in the middle ground there are also dots and commas but it is very light and vague bathed in light - it has the feeling of a ruin

colon comma space

the top part of the image has text which is like a poem  - the right side has text which is like texture and the bottom half is like tree bark with a signature and date - the words are as follows : Are we totally trapped in language - any language? I spent ages trying to write a brief ... too long for my head  and i didn't do the thing that I wrote yesterday - yet - because i don't feel well today - it might be a hangover and I feel a bit feeble but I really didn't think that I went that mad on the drink - other than I showed up on at the page and I just needed to say how I feel - see you tomx

i showed up with a question

I want to make some a set of drawings with commas, colons and spaces – elements of punctuation that are in themselves pauses – symbols of different kinds of pauses  or ways of breathing that we  practice while absorbing text and keeping an internal understanding of text and also a meaning being imposed on bext that is part of our breathing pattern.These symbolise the punctuation narks that joyce developed his characters through in Ulysses by James Joyce. I wanted to explore making drawings from these on the theme of embodiment – using impressions of my own body

colon comma space

dark image of water in layers with dark light going through a pier or rigid structure -  the front part is rock that looks like water and is in flow - it is an image in 3 parts - rock, water sky


Hastings pier - a walkway into the sea that looks like it drawn on a rock -

Hastings Pier

it is a sun and a moon image either rising or setting in a dark sky over a landscape edge -

-between day and night

a drawing of eleanor face close up in coloured lines with a doll

eleanor at home

a layered image with daffodils and an old photograph of a couple the figures are a greenish see through colour - around them it is pink and the ground and the earth is more solid

my grandparents

layered image with printed text some words visible like "walking" and 'man shape' and gestural marks like large script writing but not readable in layers with the feel of cool sun and soft water


A dark watery landscape which could be cloud or underwater has a long window of text cut into it at the top and also underneath there is decorated text under the land or the water.


on graph paper  a form that looks like a human head made up of dots and commas

His name is Mark

large page of text with a charcoal drawing on top and some words highlighted and some sections darkened

Here am I

seeing close into the middle of a tree with slim dark branches totally covered in vivid yellow blossom

language of spring

energetic mix of large black automatic writing in charcoal and yellow and gold and white layers - nothing of the writing is readable except the word yes is scored back into the paint in a couple of places

World without end

a large circle in the middle with the word Yes and outside the circle i other text fro the text of Ulysses by James Joyce - threes an like of black at the top edge and a line of yellow at the bottom edge

Yes to Joy

Tree trunk viewed from very low down with a sheet of large text wrapped around it with drawing marks on it

Reading with Trees