Uta Brouet

Bio: Works about the world behind the world we see. I am a British/German visual artist working in London, Belgium and the South of France. I make large scale drawings and sculptures using a variety of contrasting materials to create anthropomorphic totems and hybrid figures. These primeval beings tell stories forum around the world and throughout time about humans and their efforts to make sense of their place in the natural and spiritual world. I have extensively collaborated and exhibited in the UK and Europe and my work is in private collections in Europe, US and Asia.

Website: https://www.utabrouet.com/en

Instagram: @Utabrouet

A rough pencil
Drawing of a woman carrying an infant on her left hip
And a water container on her right shoulder. There is a rhythm flowing from the raised right arm to the holding left arm and counterbalance of the woman’s head the child’s body and the round water container

Drawing while waiting for tea

Fresh clay sculpture 45 cm high showing a curvy fleshy form that reminds of female features and organic plant elements that wraps around a structural triangle element in the middle of the sculpture.

Fleshy form on underlying strict symbol

An animal bone fragment reclining. It has a rhythm of movement to it and organically shaped holes and arches.

I would sculpt a flowing landscape inspired by bone fragment

Fresh clay sculpture. There is an upright triangle in the middle and an organic goddess form wraps around it.

Organic on architecture

A hand holds a small sculpture in white clay that just fits into the palm. The clay is fresh. The form is abstract. A larger moon crescent holds a smaller opposite moon crescent within it. Both seem to be connecter and neuter each other.

Hand and matter collaboration

Small size clay sculpture non fired. A loop turns onto itself and turns in a concentric loop towards it center and disappears.

Returning to oneself - sculpture

Monumental sized pencil drawing on paper. Abstract biomorphic form where elongated forms rest within each other. They seem to be fleshy and one form supports and at the same time imprints  the flesh of the other.

Holding each other

A big charcoal drawing on paper (150 x 100 cm) of a solid sculptural form. The bottom part is a stoud body supporting a serpent form that turns on itself and disappears into the middle, a bit like an endless loop

Returning to oneself

Photo shows a biomorphic sculpture in white fresh clay with overlaid text which reads : “I do think you should listen to the Uta instinct, intuition and imaginative drive as well as the Uta intellect. I think that is why I suggested you take a little ' holiday' over the next two days, put aside all the things that concern you and model small with the clay variations of what the three sculptures might be for your installation, I picked up what you said about how each might relate to the other, there is still time for some fun here before you focus more with your decisions.. “

Advice from my mentor

A photo of a bronze portrait sculpture positioned on a concrete floor. The photo is taken from high above and shows the sculpture caught in the grit structure of the shadow cast by an old barn window.

Caught by the window

A cut out figure out of thick  paper with colour pencil drawn lines in it. 
The form has a V shape at the top an O-shape in the middle and a M shape at the bottom. 
The V could be parting legs, the O could englobe a pregnant belly or a ball and the M shape could be female breasts.


I female character dressed in red is intertwined in two red strings. She is bend forward and her arms pulled forward. There is the footwork of a tree emerging from a ceiling in the left top part and the crown of a tee disappearing from the page in the right down corner. Red lines from the roots and the crown feed into the lines that hold the woman.

It’s in my DNA

A colour pencil drawing, showing a blue oval shape with two egg-shaped forms within, the oval has a yellow rim and then a red and finally a black rim. A snake skin like straight band crosses the oval shape and finishes below into a udder shaped form which ends in  8 nipples. The udder is created by pinkish parallel lines which create a 3d effect and has darker lines in it which suggest blood veines.


Two facing sketchbook pages, showing pencil colour 
visual word imagery using the letters U T A
and MAMA. The letters are positioned vertically, horizontally and across and form abstract totems or landscapes. Some of the negative space is coloured in and creates contrast.

A visual word imagery - a tool for creating abstract totems and landscapes

Abstract colour pencil drawing 
In the middle of the page there is an oval which has a blue Center that englobes to white egg shaped forms. The blue oval is confined  by two yellow rims and then a red rim and the outer layer is grey/black. 
There is a red band running from the top of the page to the bottom with double yellow zig zag lines accross it, very much like a snake skin.

Life creation

Drawing coloured darker in the middle
And carnage red towards the outer rim

The wound