Bea Xu


Instagram: @_fei__fei_

Instagram account mobile view screengrab of 'travelvojo' with 6 instagram posts in a yellow, brown and purple colour scheme. The page stats top right are missing.

Travel booking platform for climate conscious ppl

Green screen draped in background, with 20 bag on neon green grinder in centre; plastic apple and snake centre left and slightly below; plastic eyeballs with blue irises centre left; a brown resin clump bottom left; neon pink wooden peg resting on a ledge top right.

4/20 Still Life

Zoom screen with my skin keyed out to reveal a space station background

trying not to take the path of least resistance

Grid of 4 Zoom screens - air, fire, water and earth. Each with a different person in the foreground, faces obscured. There are multiple layers overlayed on top of each other with various blending modes indicating each person in a variety of postures and gestures simultaneously.

Elemental Individuation_Test1


Rows of alternating green asterisk emojis with occasional crops of flame emojis chased by dragon head emojis. Keep notes app as an art board.

Enter the dragon lol

Image divided into 4 equal quarters with photos in each: fire in top left, blue sky in top right, dry earth in bottom left, drop of water in bottom right. Uneven white spiral with arrows pointing inward and outward drawn over the top.

sketch for sunday

graphic design for zoom backgrounds

Textured beige / mocha background with a v shape in the foreground, smoothly blending yellow to lilac to purple


Small square screenshot of text. The words "it had done for", "softening in the", "buoyant in the", "shallow shadows" "that only", "mollusc-like" with "mollusc" underlined in red squiggly spellcheck can be made out.

I've run out of steam for this 07:59 writing deadline.

Screenshot of a line of text, nestled between other passages, saying: "Dialectical materialism shattered the illusion of performativity in politics and culture."

solarpunk masterpiece cum FALC manifesto in the making

An annotated Vietnamese-style 12 Chinese zodiac & elements wheel outlining the Metal Ox (牛) in purple and listing notable events from 1841 relating to British colonialism in China with a red star. There is also a star in red and green labelled with the year 2021 and another purple outlined star, empty fill, denoting year 2201

Metal Oxes

Femme, human-headed snake (known as Nüwa) with Tang-dynasty style red makeup in hand drawn brush vector in black on a long beige coloured artboard outlined in charcoal. Small red seal bottom right hand corner.


Radial gradient brown to blue background with a neon pink radial grid on top - True; False; True & False; Untrue & Not-false; Ineffable at each of the 5 spokes

Non-Binary Logic

yellow background with purple texture over the top: '2.0' in white, centre with black lines curling around

2.0 texture test

White to blue gradient background on top of which is a circle of pastel grandiented amoeba-like patterns on the left, projected via 2 grey dotted lines from a dark green eye of horus on the right.

Horus Vision

Graphic novel strip in ink, 3 panels. Landscape at night in trees, a full moon hovering. Exposition text: I see the House yonder. ... Is the moon *right* for this work tonight? I can't tell. But I know one way to find out.

House of Blood comic test

Photo of a sunny window sill, foregrounded by a honey jar of pink hyacinth cuttings and a dead butterfly nestled in them

Still Death

Hand drawn diagram of brain cross section with labelled limbic system in pencil between two printed slides listing cerebral cortex and limbic system

Limbic system sketch on handout

A Zoom screen with single vertical panel of participants far right, most of them pixellated. Screen share of a forest from worm's eye view, LUNARCHY 2.0 orb hovering above and centre with a rainbow, radial aura.

Bloodsport - projection

Thin cursive written in Keep Notes app: how to stylise eyes / - understand parts of the eye / - get inspired / 3 broad categories / specific style examples. Overlaid with thin coloured sketching of parts of eye, labels, 3 sizes of head

Stylizing Eyes