Amber-Lynn Thorne

Instagram: @amberlynnthorne

a photo of a wall-sized rock, where many layers are visible


girl snuggling a black and white cat

day off from making

a cartoon of a bunny wearing a polka dot pink shirt and blue shorts with bulgy blue eyes kneeling on a purple cushion with white flowers picking strawberries in a garden. she has a basket of strawberries next to her.

bunny picking strawberries

a photo of a painting of a single pitcher plant flower, with a white background. along the bottom it reads “WE LOVE THEE”.

we love thee

a photo of a clay bulgy-eyed face the size of a shot glass that has an airplant in it that looks like hair. it is being held up by a hand with a blue curtain in the background.

if i put an airplant in it will u buy it

a rough clay box with a lid. the knob to open the box is a small house with a door and a window.

home box

a cropped image of a painting of a codfish with a capelin in its mouth. behind it you can see a part of another cod.

unfinished!!!! still

A small white glazed clay bud vase with bulging eyes a sad expression, sitting on a wooden shelf. There is plant cuttings stuck inside the case.

plant head

A photograph of a wharf in the foreground with boats, houses in the background on a hill with the name “DILDO” in the style of “HOLLYWOOD”

view from car window

A painting of a black fishpan of codfish with a pink underpainting, painted in a naturalistic way.

still unfinished

An unfinished painting on an easel of codfish in a fish pan, with a magenta underpainting.

working on it, cod

A photograph of a firewood pile in the woods. On one diagonal is dead wood, and the other is fresh.

Pop’s Wood Pile

a painted figurine of a blonde girl wearing glasses, wearing jeans and a cat sweater in the palm of a hand with a plant in the background

self portrait

a photo of a hand holding a beige cartoony polymer clay figurine of a girl with bulging eyes

me, figurine, unpainted

image of a playing card for a 2. two cod fish are arranged in the middle of the card, one facing upward, another facing downward. the number 2 is in the top left and bottom right corners.

cod card