Andy Milroy

The image is a collage of my work over the past 15 days. There is a blank space in the bottom right corner of the collage. Each of the collage panes displays a copy of each 30/30 submission. The collage is arranged in a block of oblong panes. 5 panes on the top line. Underneath there are two rows of six. Day 1 is the first pane top left. Day 2 the next right and the days run on left to right across each row.  The work in the top row is more fully visible. The panes in the bottom two rows are narrower, making some of the work partially visible.

30/30 15 + room for 1 more

A ginger cat tea cosy is close up. Its face slightly crumpled by the fold of the material. In front to the left is a small glazed jug to its right a blue cup. The corner of a battered tray is visible to the right of the cup and in front of the face of the cat. They all sit on this tea tray. To the right abs behind the cat is a book on the table everything sits on. Behind a glazed wooden door is open and the dark doorway visible.

Cat cosy on a hot tea pot (waiting for tea to brew)

A photograph taken at ground level. A narrow stoney path stretches straight ahead. Tall leafless regimented trees stand tall, lining both sides of the path, stretching skywards. The colours are vivid. The sky a vivid dark blue. Sunlight strikes the path. The foreground is bathed in rich light. The Rees to the left are in sunlight as is the right side of the trees to the right.

Inspiring path

The image is starkly white. Nothing else.

Imagining nothing

One person holds a green framed mirror presented to us. Their left hand holds a phone, camera facing the viewer and the bottom left edge of the mirror. Below their dark visible arm and behind them is a round stained glass window. Their other hand grips the bottom right of the frame as we look at it. The right of the image diffuses into bright light from a just discernible window. The face of the person holding the mirror is not in full view. Only their forehead and eyes visible. The mirror image reflected back to the viewer by a mirror, disappears away in multiple images - to infinity.

Solo to infinity and beyond (wishing you were with me - missing you all the way)

Two people hold a green framed mirror presented to the viewer. To the left of the image a hand holds a phone, camera facing the viewer. The mirror is reflected back infinitely. The faces of the people holding the mirror are not in full view. Only the forehead of the person holding the phone/camera is visible. Half the face of the other person and their left hand is visible. They are to the right of the image. This person is wearing glasses, half visible. The mirror image reflected back to the viewer by a mirror, disappears away from
the viewer in multiple images to infinity

Together to infinity and beyond

Two images one above the other of a small copper bowl brim full of daffodil flower heads. The images are identical except in the lower image the daffodil heads appear dry, dead and faded of colour. They are old and dusty. The copper bowl is dull and the surface it sits on is pale white, edged at the top left, centre and right by dull brown. In the image above the daffodil heads are rich yellow and gold, no longer so faded and dusty. The bowl is a rich copper colour, sitting on vibrant white, edges by rich reflected light to the left upper edge and golden brown top centre and upper right edge.

Priceless old daffodils transformed (original work April 13 2020 make me an offer)

A cat is curled on an arm chair, her head towards front edge. Rich ginger and brown colours. Dash of creamy white at the neck. Her back is dark and appears to merge with the arm of the chair at her back. At the back do the chair and beyond but touching where she is tightly curled is a white cushion embroidered at the edges with green leaves. Embroidered on the cushion are the words “true love is the greatest adventure”

Our cat makes home at home for the day

Vibrant orange and yellow daffodils are scattered across the image. They appear painted with strong brush strokes. Their green stems just discernible. Beyond and filling the image behind the daffodils is the nostrils of a  dog. The hairs of the muzzle of the dig merge with the stems of the daffodils.

A nose for daffodils

A dead daffodil lies diagonally its thick
Dark green stem flowing upwards left to right across a white background. The flower head lies in the midst of an impressionistic image of its original live blooming. Delicate yellow petals of the past merge with deeper yellow and flame orange smudges. The thick dark green stem flows to a vanishing point in the top right corner accompanied by fifteen green lines spaced apart and flowing to the same point. The image is framed by dark top left and bottom, suggesting other layers beneath the white background.

Dead daffodil vanishing point

Vibrant yellow and orange splashes a dark background at 5 points. A large splash of colour is at the lower part of the image with the other 4 sweeping away to the right hand corner where the seems to be some light, possibly sunlight. Looking closely the splashes of colour are daffodils. Some green stems are just visible to the left of the foremost splash of colour.

Evening Daffodils @ 17:37 #2

A bottle of Bushmills Irish whiskey sits behind an empty whiskey tumbler. Both sit on a white ledge with closed Venetian blind illuminated by evening sunlight behind. Bright opaque daffodils appear to spring from behind and then in front of the bottle and the empty glass.

Irish whiskey delight (guilt optional)

The bottom left of the image is daffodil flower on a white background.   The bottom and left side of the white background is edged by a silver patterned surface. The very left edge is dark. The flower head is strikingly bold yellow yet slightly blurred as if there could be more than one. Yet there is only one. It’s green stem sweeps diagonally away across the image to a vanishing point in the top right corner. 11 green lines, alternating feint and bold, spaced at small intervals, follow the direction from the flower head to the vanishing point.

Daffodil vanishing point

The image is filed with large iridescent Daffodil heads that appear painted by broad brushes and floating above a profusion of green stems. A bright sunlight glows form the right hand top corner of the image.

Evening Daffodils @ 17:37 #1

The image is filled with creamy white Blackthorn flowers and smudges of Daffodils, golden yellow appear to emerge from further up and across the cloud of white flowers. Are they planted within the shrub or grafted to it. The Blackthorn flowers are more precisely photographically in focus. The daffodils are more impressionistic as if painted into the image

Spring essence

The image is made from an overlay of two photos taken at the same corner of a field. A black and white English Springer Spaniel in the immediate foreground looks over his right shoulder. The same dog is sitting beyond looking at you. A path runs straight ahead at the right side of the image. Further down the path a figure can be seen with a dog on a lead. Trees and bushes frame the image. The colours are vibrant and sunlight diffuses across the picture.

Spring walking with our English Springers

Overlaid photographs merging in the middle. At the top is a poise of mauve, purple, pink and yellow garden flowers. Below a plaque: “Eleanor C Milroy. Died and born 1-4-1986. Still spirit of love and innocence”. The background to the images is a stone wall.

Going back and going on - celebrating and commemorating