Louise Milroy

Image shows goblet glass with orange aperitif. In the background a woman sips from her glass

Birthday apero part two

Image shows goblet glass with orange/amber liquid. The glass is frosted from ice cubes.


Image shows collection of plants on a tiled surface in a partially glazed porch. Plants include cacti, pelargonium, and succulents.

Porch Plants

Image shows collection of wool in skeins and crochet samples in different colours

Stash to sort

Image shows notebook and pencil. The notebook has ‘Daily Planner’ embossed on it. There are drawings of ferns on it.


Image shows tea with milk in a blue cup. There is a reflection in the cup.

Tea (not stewed)

Image shows photo of West Highland Terrier sitting on a sofa. She is looking at the camera with a very sweet endearing expression.


Always wanting to draw something really ace


Image shows two people holding a mirror and they are reflected. It is in black and white.


Two people hold a green framed mirror presented to the viewer. To the left of the image a hand holds a phone, camera facing the viewer. The mirror is reflected back infinitely. The faces of the people holding the mirror are not in full view. Only the forehead of the person holding the phone/camera is visible.  Half the face of the other person and their left hand is visible. They are to the right of the image. This person is wearing glasses, half visible. The mirror image reflected back to the viewer by a mirror, disappears away from
the viewer in multiple images to infinity

Together to infinity and beyond

Image shows head of purple sprouting broccoli. This was picked today. The plant was grown from seed in March 2020.

Old and new

Image shows brown and white spaniel holding an orange ball in its mouth

Home from home

Image shows posy of flowers

Flowers for grief

Image shows person lying down on their back. One black and white Springer spaniel is lying next to him, looking up at the camera. The brown and white spaniel is being very affectionate.

Fluffy feedback

Image shows face of tabby cat. Half is obscured

Beady eye

Image shows cardboard package of Jaffa cakes.  It is at an angle resting on the arm of a sofa.

Delicious. Not guilty

Image shows light from window reflected on to ceiling. The image is taken by the photographer whilst lying down.


Image shows a group of plants in pots. There is a wallflower, pink in colour, in bloom.

Today’s research

Image shows left hand with silver ring on third finger. The skin is wrinkled and mottled. It is shown against a wooden parquet floor.

My hand. The ultimate tool maker.

Image shows brown and white spaniel asleep.

Joyous snooze

Image shows typewritten text of poem. There is a reflection of the photographer (Eleanor’s mother) making a shadow on to the text.

Sharing the gift from Eleanor