Catherine Lette

Instagram: @catherineletteart

Photograph of sketch book open on coloured pencil sketch of kitchen sink with distorted figure, hovering over kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink sketch over kitchen sink

Sketch in crayon

Waiting for the kids to fight

Coloured pencil sketch

The path of least resistance

Text describing armchair with figure in it

Figure in an armchair

Acrylic on canvas board. Two figures surrounded by cartoon eyes.

Started yesterday repainted today

Acrylic on board two figures lying down

Other half

Acrylic on board. Brief making a work more commercial, this has now been posted as ‘for sale’.

For Sale

Watercolour pencil on paper figures in house structure

Safe as houses

Two figures framed inside and outside of a window pane, acrylic on board.

Two figures

Gouache on paper

Hands face space

Watercolour on tracing paper over window pane.

Kitchen sink window

Watercolour on paper, theme ‘guilty pleasures’ figures and wine glasses

Red red wine

Gouache on watercolour paper.

Yellow Monday

Gouache and acrylic on paper

Bit too much Easter

Figurative abstract drawing including a tap and hazard markings. The suggestion for the day was to use a tool for work,
I tested using tracing paper - putting in the traced extract of the drawing of the tap that I had made.

Viral tap

Drawing brings me joy so that’s what I’ve done today. It’s a great way to put down new ideas quickly. This is a figure sitting on a staircase framed by two screens containing landscape.

Mobile Tropicana

A hazardous paper airplane

Travel ban