Amanda Francis

Ink on washed canvas, will be painted over. Mixed in a bath tub.

Keep Going

Acrylic on canvas in Cathedral cloisters.

In Context

A5 Zine of Margate, walk to Turner Contemporary.

Upside Down

Acrylic paintings and a photographic intervention, just completed emails, wording to be concise and convey a 'request'.


Chalk on A1 cartridge paper.



Blue Sky Thinking...

Acrylic on canvas, detail. Does water take the path of least resistance?


Image from the Zine 'Five Minutes' but if I wasn't making anything today this is where I wish to go.

A Day to Think

Photograph, in my home, for a different Zine entitled Five Minutes.

Yesterday's Work is Today, and Tomorrow's

A4 folded Zine, stitched and hand made, made in collaboration.


Photogram, with diluted bleach sprayed.


Acrylic, dried outside in the sunshine.



Any Angle

Acrylic on raw canvas.
This piece is out of context, advice given was to make a site specific visual composite which I did! (Cathedral cloisters)

Place in context as a site specific composite

I am functioning blind/partially sight due to Extreme Photophobia (light sensitivity) and Charles Bonnet Syndrome (visual distortions). This 'eye' in the wood from the view from my window is from many photographs I take, my ability to draw has gone now among many skills. I rely heavily on my camera and iPad to take images and then create with them.

Eyes/Visual Distortion

Always re-painting... always teal to slate green

Paint Charts

Small mdf house, with clay on armature 'Alice' having grown falling our of the ground floor, decoration of all surface and a table - ALL decided, with a clay adult Alice in the attic, waiting for Easter to pass!!!!!

Alice falls from the ground floor

The Water Replies Journal - a decorative starfish in sea salt water, now ready to go back in to the water at Seasalter, starfish can rejuvenate over many years and repair.

Sea Salt Starfish

Salvaged barn floorboard nails for hanging canvas

Iron works

Acrylics on raw canvas large canvas



Power Up